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“Last quad I didn’t care for Mykayla’s gymnastics. This quad I kind of like that she shook things up.”

“If somebody had come up to me in January of 2019 and said, “MyKayla Skinner will make the worlds team over Morgan AND Riley,” I would have said, “You have obviously never watched gymnastics in your life, because Morgan and Riley are the second and third best all arounders in the USA."”

“I’m wondering if fellow US gymnasts/coaches are jelous on Skinner’s skill level. Considering that Jade does not want to make the team leaves Skinner with the 2nd best vault, bars that could have a 6.2 SV with a little struggle, her beam is not great but by Tokyo she could come with a 6 SV, and aside from Jade and Simone she is the only one able to compete a Moors. With her proved consistency+better E, a team lock. If she is racist IRL you can’t tell based on her social media/ interviews.”

Simone did the mic drop because Mykayla suggested it

“i want biles, skinner and carey to throw a triple back next”

“Posting a training video of a skill is very different to competing it. Just because Jade posted a video of a very nicely done triple double does not mean hers is better or more consistent than Simone’s. Simone and MyKayla have posted training videos of triple doubles long before Rio, Simone has only now debuted it, and even then it’s far from perfect. I love Jade, but saying she will get the layout version named, or how much better her triple double is compared to Simone’s is too early.”

“MyKayla isn’t even a Trump supporter. Y’all are conflating her with Ashton, not that I expect any more out of the gymternet at this point…”

“It’s so dumb how people won’t give Skinner a second chance. Like yeah she messed up, ur how many of you have done mean things in your life? Being famous doesn’t mean you are suddenly more mature then every other kid your age. Maybe she changed maybe she didn’t… but maybe we should give her a chance to show her new self.”

“Excuse me, but MyKayla’s floor music >>> Simone’s floor music.”

“No, Skinner will not compete for Romania! Ukraine will take her 😤”