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“I think Nastia gets hated on more than necessary. To win Olympic AA when she wasn’t those powerful gymnasts with crazy vaults and FX, that’s not easy to do. And you can’t lie, her technique was great on BB and UB (maybe except the dismount), she capitalised on her strengths and hit when it mattered. And yeah I get her personality wasn’t like Shawn’s, all bubbly and open but maybe that’s because of her upbringing, her Russian side and the pressure how her parents were successful gymnasts.”

“Looks like Nastia’s grander website is dead now that she and the old fiance split. That could have been such a good platform too…”

“Just discovered that Nastia wear no makeup in Beijing except a little bit of eyeliners”

“its creepy how komova could’ve won almost the exact same medals nastia did in Beijing. aa gold for sure, a fx bronze with vika’s aa score, team silver, a beam silver if she hit and a bars gold/silver if she didn’t hit the bar with her feet. such a shame…”

“nastia’s and vika’s moms look like twins”

“Say what you want because I know many people hate Nastia’s bars but I love her perfect form on everything except her double front and double front with a half. Her leaps, turns, twisting form, lines, form in general and artistry were beautiful and I really miss her style.”

“i see a lot of myself in nastia & i can’t tell if that’s good or bad”

“As a competitive swimmer I do not think the Olympic tie breaker in gymnastics is right they don’t do it in swim so why do it in gymnastics . They should allow ties then give Nastia her bars gold, aly her aa bronze, catalina her balance beam bronze, and Vanessa her floor bronze.”

“Nastia has the best Onodi ever. Who’s with me?”

“i still can’t believe nastia got a 9.8 e-score at pac rims 2008 on BEAM.”