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“I wonder how much the other NCAA teams make fun of UCLA. (like their flashmobs and typical UCLA stuff)”

“In the bar routine posted of ragan at ou I didn’t even recognize that that was her I feel like she’s going to thrive in NCAA (injuries stay away) her gymnastics looks a bit different already our little ragan is all grown up😢😂”

“I can see OU becoming way more popular with fans now Ragan’s there”

“No shade, but is Jordyn actually qualified to be the head coach of a team of Arkansas’s caliber. I mean her resume consists of one position as volunteer coach for 2-3 years and now she’s head coach of a D1 team.”

“I have a feeling Shallon won’t stay at Alabama”

“What is really the purpose of NCAA? Do the gymnasts have actual classes? Do they learn any actual skills to get a proper job,like a medic or coach or sports teacher, or do they just focus on competing?”

“Now correct me if I’m wrong, I thought Alyona Shchennikova was going to go to Michigan not LSU I don’t know why I would’ve thought that if it was never a thing… but I could’ve sworn she was (though as I’m writing this I realized mayyybe if she was going to go she decided not to because of The whole scandal)”

“Oh wow so alyona went from being committed to Michigan to LSU”

“Do you ever think that some gymnasts regret committing to an average school so early incase they gain more acknowledgement and experience that a higher level college could have recruited them???”

“Has Leanne committed to NCAA yet?? Where suits her best”