Category: ncaa gymnastics

“I wonder how utah will finish this year without their star myk”

“NCAA seems off to an especially rough start this year.”

“I had no idea Rachel Dickson was injured and out for the season. Heartbroken for her!”

“I don’t know who needs to know this, but if you subscribe to Disney+ (in the US) you can go to ESPN+ option and find so many NCAA gym meets.”

“Olivia Gunter isn’t ready to be in LSU’s floor lineup”

“Kiya Johnson’s stuck double pike vs Georgia is EVERYTHING!!!”

“BYU’s ‘Fail Friday’ Instagram posts are too good”

“I love how UCLA has had 2 transfers that became beam queens. First Brielle now Samantha I love it”

“So this NCAA season. No Brielle Nguyen, No Katelyn Ohashi. No Mykayla Skinner. No Olivia Kara’s, no McKenna Kelly, no Sarah Finnegan. Im already becoming sad”

“Utah’s “Mountains” leo is probably my favorite collegiate leo ever. SO pretty!!”