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“Now it’s questionable if Riley continues to Tokyo or not. That will depend on how NCAA handles the situation. Though I’m really sad we didn’t see enough of her. She only went to 1 Worlds. If it weren’t for injuries she would’ve gone to 2017 (instead of either Ashton or Morgan) and 2019 (instead of Grace perhaps) in my opinion. I hope she makes the Olympic team and crushes it there.”

“oksana chuso should do to UCLA to compete in NCAA after tokyo😂”

“The only positive thing about the cancellation of the NCAA saison is that hopefully Trinity has a better chance to break all the NCAA-records, which Kyla and Maggie could´t break”

“Just rewatched 2015 P and G’s. It’s nice looking back seeing how Kyla was so burned out by then but then had a legendary career at UCLA”

“I love that move Nia does after her leap series on floor- when she gets on one knee and leans back”

“We finally have an out and proud queer queen in gymnastics! Savannah Schoenherr is everything I have been dreaming of!”

“I’m very weirded out by the fact that Kyla Ross (who, in my mind, belongs to the 2012 cycle with Aly and Gabby) is graduating the same year as Madison Kocian (who is “the 2015 champion”). I feel like there should be at least a year in between them at college?”

“Cried so mcuh watching the UCLA senior video!!!”

“As much as the NCAA season being ended abruptly is sad, I highly doubt they’ll be extra eligibility for gymnasts. It doesn’t make any sense: there was one week until conference championships so the regular season was basically over, and it would create huge problems regarding teams next year in terms of scholarship counts and fairness. So I just don’t think it’ll happen 🙁

“I just can’t imagine Jade Carey doing an NCAA style floor routine”