Category: negative

“If there was a sport that ABSOLUTELY needed to be shut down during all of this, it’s artistic gymnastics. I mean how many times have we seen gymnasts, male and female, put a glob of spit on their hands then mount the equipment. If it happens so often during competition, just imagine how often it must happen in a gym.”

“I remember having an argument in YouTube comments about how disgusting gymnasts spitting on their palms before competing is. I hope after this coronavirus debacle, it is banned! Ew.”

“How can you possibly be called the “greatest tumbler ever” if all you can do is back tumbling? JFC. At least go learn a double Arabian or double front. It’s ridiculous, honestly.”

“No hate, but while watching MyKayla, I don´t understand why people seem to hate Jade´s floor with her poor expression so much more than the FX from MyKayla. Of course, Jade is far away from expressive dancing, but her form is so clean and I enjoy her floor exercise with the lack of artistry so much more than MyKaylas expressive routine with all her massive form errors in splits, leaps, tumbling and literally everything”

“Now that is almost sure that Tokyo 2020 will happen in 2021 I’m sure that it’s for the best, since so many qualifying events have been cancelled or postponed, but it makes me sad to think that many olympics hopeful won’t make it. Like Halkina, Pazhava, Taseva, Ruprecht, and even the Averinas (can’t say i will miss their messy gymnastics and 0 interpretation ability) said that they were continuing just for Tokyo, but what happens if they have to train and compete for another year?”

“I used to love Gage because of the extra form and polish their gymnasts have (who doesn’t love/ look for those things?) but now all I see are missed ring positions, risky/ambitious skills that don’t pay off, and more than a few athletes whose scores plummet when they go to compete internationally”

“Why is everyone obsessed with UCLA? I find them to be pretty over the top/obnoxious as a team.”

“I though myKayla’s YouTube channel would make me like her more, but it has made me even more indifferent. She seems really far removed from reality and her personality just seems really flat. I’m not sure if she’s just awkward in front of the camera but I feel like her husband is way more likeable and personable”

“I feel very sorry for Bart Conner having to commentate with Kelly Garrison for the Perfect 10 challenge every year when he gets to do every other meet with Kathy.”

“Being an honorary Olympic captain doesn’t make you an Olympian. Cough cough Christine Lee cough cough.”