Category: negative

“Kyla Ross is overrated and boring.”

“The more people try to shove Simone down my throat, the more utterly bored I become of her. Yawn. Wake me up next quad when the sport is interesting again. In the meantime I will pay attention to anything Riley McCusker does, the Tokyo bars final, and absolutely nothing else.”

“At this point TD should just be renamed “Boulevard of Broken Dreams"”

“nastia & gabby’s switch ring leaps should not have been credited”

“Does Russian Gymnastics has the culture of having mentally abusive coach? I mean just look at VRod and Viner”

“Why is Jade Carey gifted all these international assignments? Favoritism much?”

“The one thing the gymternet agrees on is that Nastia’s comeback was basically a fail. Literally, I saw a confession saying Laurie’s comeback would be like Nastia’s, and it was negative. Nastia was amazing (minus her double front and those bar dismounts), but that comeback was like textbook failure”

“Grace’s showing at this World Championship is quite disappointing actually”

“No offence to Ferrari and Mori, but the Italian is so good without Ferrari, Mori and Ferlito”

“I feel like Laurie is going to have a comeback experience similar to Nastia’s in 2012.”