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“Aliya was the first gymnast I was a really big fan of back in 2012 and there’s a part of me that really wants to see her defend her title but Nina’s routines and skills are so clean and beautiful that it would be a travesty if she performs well and anybody else scores higher.”

“I love how people get mad at Nina, because she’s able to capitalize on her high bar score, which carries her through in the AA. And I love when people get frustrated that Simone can win with multiple falls because of her high difficulty. Both these woman are deserving of what they achieve. Don’t hate the player because they figured out how play the game to their advantage.”

“I love Nina Derwael. That’s it, that’s the confession.”


Nina Derwael of Belgium scores a 15.141 (6.5) during qualifications at the 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Despite being in the second subdividsion of twelve, she is highly likely to make the uneven bars final with this score. (x

“I love how gymnastics is expanding. In the 2012 all around final, 8 of the top 9 gymnasts were from the big four countries (USA, Russia, China, Romania). In the 2018 world all around final, the top 8 gymnasts were from 7 different countries.”

“Tokyo 2020 dream podium: AA, sunisa, Leanne, Aliya VT: yeo seo-jeong, chuso, dipa karmakar UB: Aliya, Fan, nina BB: kara, Ou yushan, tinting FX : Ou yushan, Asuka, jade”

“I know the requirements are different, but I’d love to see an UB powerhouse like Nina or Aliya trying a high bar routine. With the proper preparation, I think they would be able to complete a very decent one.”

“C’mon Nina Derwael give up a DTY and get that AA bronze.”

“Nina Derwael has a very excellent chance of becoming Olympic Champ on bars, but I’m terrified of how the gymternet (mainly Aliya and China stans) will react if she wins.”

“My dream podium for tokio is Nina, Fan and Aliya. But the problem – I want gold for all of them -.-”