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“And the worst Federation ever award goes to: HUNGARY!! Olivia, Nora… I so sorry”

“If Romania by miracle qualifies to Tokyo, I do not believe Larisa will be part of the team. While in Stuttgart she will be the team leader I do not see her in 1 year outscoring Denisa Olivia Sfiringu Stanciulescu and Crisan if they all stay healthy and get consistent.”

“Imagine if Romania had Iordache, Golgota, Crisan, Cimpian and Ivanus… But, of course, everything went wrong and they have only Denisa left”

“I wish Puiu Stanciulescu or Cimpian would use Ceaikovski Piano concert no 1 as their floor music”

“Olivia Cîmpian :’( please comeback”

“If Romania still had Cimpian…”

“As much as it sucks for Olivia Cimpian and Romanian gymnastics, I actually don’t blame the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation for not wanting to release Olivia so easily because the Cimpian family was very careless and inconsiderate toward Hungarian gymnastics from all their moving around whenever they pleased.”

I keep on seeing stuff about Olivia Cimpian not being able to compete until next December, so you have any details on this? I’m so confused

From what I know, it’s because the Hungarian Federation won’t release her, so she has to wait a year before competing for a different country, as per the FIG rules.

“What is is happening with Olivia is too much. Another year ban ia too much.”

“Olivia not bebeing allowed to compete until Dec 2019 is the pure proof that FIG is absurd. Romania and Olivia are wronged here.”