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“So the Olympics are postponed. Is it too late to plan a World Championships for the end of this year? Will there be both an Olympics and a World championships in 2021?”

“With the Olympics happening in 2021 I think 2005 babies should be eligible. It’s about the being able to put together the best team at that moment. They shouldn’t have a meaningless, zero steaks, senior year(they will because if there’s no Olympics they shouldn’t be allowed at any WC events either as they are qualifying meets). And teams shouldn’t have to suffer if the inevitable happens, and some current sr’s just can’t make it one more year.”

“If coronavirus ends up affecting the Olympics…. I will be seriously mad. But that makes me feel really bad for those who missed Olympics for boycotts… Like world health is one thing, your own countries politic stance is another.”

“it’s so cool how the olympics starts on my birthday and ends on my country’s birthday! (assuming that everything goes according to plan)”

“I keep hearing people speculating that the Olympics will be cancelled due to coronavirus and I sure hope they’re not cancelled!”

“2012 London > 2008 Beijing > 2016 Rio > 2004 Athens > 2000 Sydney. 2000 Sydney was an absolute horror shit show for VT”

The first ladies triple axel done at the Olympics and still the only backloaded ladies triple axel. This was done 3 minutes and 10 seconds into Midori Ito’s long program. 👑👑👑

“olympic season is coming up lord help me”

“I’m not a fan of most tattoos but whenever I see a gymnast with the Olympic rings tattoo I feel so happy for them, like Yes you go girl!”

“This is sort of gymnastics related.. i think it would be really cool if they could add all star cheerleading to the Olympics. I think the sport is very difficult like gymnastics. Like gymnastics has the harder skills but cheering has the whole team thing going on with cool stunts.”