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“USA won its first Olympic team gold medal at home in Atlanta 1996. Same for China in Beijing 2008. Can France hold to this pattern and triumph in Paris 2024.”

“2024 Olympics: Lillian Lippeatt gets gold with a stuck whip full+silivas, while Konnor McClain gets silver with a beautiful triple twist to back-handspring full. Let me dream, please.”

“To be honest, the list with my gymnastic wishes is very very long, just some examples: Vault medal for chuso, UB medal in Tokyo for Fan, olympic spot for Vanessa, world or olympic beam medal for Kara, individual medal for Gelya and so on. But my biggest wish right now is a healthy Vktoriia Listunova, who will not break before Paris 2024″




^This is why I think the Paris 2024 medal concept is a great idea. Getting to share your medal with the people that helped you get there is pretty cool, and it will be special for coaches/family/friends for sure

@aly126 wait what’s the Paris 2024 concept?

It’s a medal that can be taken apart (like the picture above – it splits into discs) so you can give the pieces to your coaches/family/people you helped you/etc.



It’s official: Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028