Category: PB

“Unexpected blessed things: Cunningham going full puppy mode and biting Joe’s leg out of nervousness to know JOE’s results in PB.”

“Low key want to see WAG gymnasts do MAG HB and PB and MAG gymnasts do WAG beam and UB”

“I love how much Tim loves the Bhavsar, because same. 😍”

“The Bhavsar on PB is such a great element. It actually looks hard, but is beautiful at the same time.”

“I am obsessed with all the bar events in WAG and MAG because they seem like the farthest thing from what a “normal” human can do.”

Omg piked double front ½ p-bars dismount from Artur 

“can we just acknowledge the fact that Zou Jingyuan got a 16.2 on p. bars in the TF like that’s insane.”


Favorite Routines of 2017 (Part 2/): Zou Jingyuan (CHN) on parallel bars @ Chinese Nationals Event Finals

Manrique Larduet (CUB) sticks his eponymous parallel bars dismount @ Abierto de Gimnasia Mexico 2017