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“I sometimes think what could have been for ragan, maile and Emma if Simone wasn’t here, would they have more opportunities? a little less cut throat? still in elite??”

“Do you remember when people were trying to get ragan and Riley to be like Shawn and nastia”

“I feel like ragan could have potentially become like Shawn Johnson, they give me similar vibes. Oh well it’s the past.”

“In the bar routine posted of ragan at ou I didn’t even recognize that that was her I feel like she’s going to thrive in NCAA (injuries stay away) her gymnastics looks a bit different already our little ragan is all grown up😢😂”

“I can see OU becoming way more popular with fans now Ragan’s there”

“So Ragan decided to do college gymnastics as opposed to elite… But doesn’t competing every week put more stress on her ankle than elite training? I mean, constant impact and routines is worse than harder skills, but practicing on soft mats until meet season. I guess elite wasn’t going well, so she decided to give college a shot.”

“There’s a Regan Smith on team USA swimming. I just think that is funny”

“I am pissed that Ragan got that medal in Doha as it jeopardizes her chances to make the olympics via world cups. I believe she could be a beam specialist.”

“If you could go back in time and make one injury never happen, who’s would it be? For me, either Ragan’s ankle in 2017 or Sam Oldham’s in 2014″

“I just realised how similar ragan smith and madison kocian look”