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“I love the ending of Ragan’s NCAA floor routine!”

“The year is 2050 Me: *still upset about Ragans world championship injury*”

“One thing I appreciate about Ragan is that she’s always had energetic, creative dance on floor. Gymnasts like Jade and Faith might be great tumblers, but they use zero energy on their arm waving choreo”

“Rewatching 2017 Ragan Smith and sobbing over what could have been. Wishing her the absolute best in NCAA!!”

“I hope Ragan puts her FTDT back in as her bars dismount in place of the DLO. It looks too whippy to me.”

“I hope Ragan is at peace with her elite career I still wish I could undo all of her injuries and give her the success she would have been capable of, but I am cheering for her in NCAA.”

“Currently torn because I dislike Oklahoma, but like Ragan. On one hand I want the best for her, but don’t want to see Oklahoma win twice in a row.”

“Really hope Ragan tries for 2020″

“Still sad at Ragan not being World AA champ :(”

“I sometimes think what could have been for ragan, maile and Emma if Simone wasn’t here, would they have more opportunities? a little less cut throat? still in elite??”