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milennial culture is sending a horrible post to your friend who is sitting 10 feet away from you in the same room, and waiting 2 seconds before hearing a dismayed “….no!”




Here’s a really simple thing a lot of messy people never learned: clean people are clean people because they do little household tasks as soon as they need to be done. Messy people? We leave it for some undefined future time, which often ends up being never. It’s much, much easier to wash one meal’s worth of dishes, or put away one load of laundry, or clean off a countertop with only a day’s mess on it than it is to handle those things that have been left for days or weeks or months.

Becoming a less messy person is about doing the little stuff more often. Put everything away when you get home from the store. Clear off the coffee table once a day instead of every few weeks. Over time, those little tasks and habits will become instinctive, and you’ll be on your way to being a recovered messy person. You’ll also find you have no need for intense, whole-house marathon cleans.

If you’re a messy person, you can change. You’ll probably never be an effortlessly neat person, but that’s fine! You’ll be a kinda messy person who cleans up after yourself, and who has a not-messy home. And that’s a great goal to have.

And spare us the comments like, “Who doesn’t know this already?” Lots of us, so hush. If you already know and do this, congratulations on your immaculate home. This advice isn’t meant for you, so feel free to take a seat on the nearest (undoubtedly spotless) chair or couch.

A lot of messy people also like to leave their shit everywhere in the hope that someone else will clean it up.





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sacré-cœur, paris



destroy the idea that crying is negative. crying is relief, a way to let all of the sadness, anger, joy and emotion out. end the idea that we need to stop crying, stop letting out emotion, stop being human. end it.

stydiaislove: Santana Lopez – “100”


Santana Lopez – “100”

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I’m not gonna lie I forgot that Levan Polka was an actual song and it took me a whole 30 seconds to realize that this dude wasn’t just out there playin Miku in the park

Those are the Miku lyrics and not Finnish though so this man IS playing Miku in the park