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“Anyone know of any updates on how Andrade is doing?”


event world cups or Pan Ams AA spot


so like how do we get her to the olympics

“Brazil has been so unlucky this quad! Rebeca and Jade’s injuries, and Flavia coming so close to the podium. I just want it to all come together for them”

“I saw Rebeca Andrade posted a video of her training a Moors, so she recovered that quickly or it’s not a recent video?”

“I can’t hear Crazy in Love without thinking about Rebeca Andrade’s old FX routine”

“Gym gods, can’t ya’ll just let Rebeca be great?!”

“Having news about Mai, Aliya, and Rebecca all in the same week: So I guess we all really did die in 2012 and this is purgatory, huh.”


🎉🤸‍♀️ Happy 20th Birthday to Rebeca Andrade! 🎉🤸‍♀️

“Flavia and Rebeca’s switch ring on beam appreciation post”

“People talk smack about Simone, but she’s making everyone stronger. Look at Andrade, MDJDS, Jade, Ellie x2, etc. Despite knowing their chances of catching Simone are minimal, they’re all pushing their own envelopes in ways they haven’t in the past. Simone is good for this sport and I’m glad she’s still competing.”