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“Looking at it now it’s for the best that they decided the host of 2021’s euros but not worlds’….”

“Anyone knows if the qualification process for Tokyo is the same? Like Kiev’s ec got cancelled and the world cup serie is to be held september-november…if the situation allows it.”

“Now that is almost sure that Tokyo 2020 will happen in 2021 I’m sure that it’s for the best, since so many qualifying events have been cancelled or postponed, but it makes me sad to think that many olympics hopeful won’t make it. Like Halkina, Pazhava, Taseva, Ruprecht, and even the Averinas (can’t say i will miss their messy gymnastics and 0 interpretation ability) said that they were continuing just for Tokyo, but what happens if they have to train and compete for another year?”

“I wonder how much the Russian rhythmic gymnasts known for their artistry were artistic in spite of the code and Viner rather than because of…”

“I know they’re doing it bc of the ban but what gave russia the right to make everyone’s ears bleed with that 5 balls music mix?? Just when we thought they couldn’t do worse.”

“Even tho Tara Dragas was granted the n1 spot if she decides to compete for Slovenia, i really she can compete for italy. She’s so good and i think she consider herself as italian and it will be a waste for our federation to let her go. I really hope that her not being sent to Deleanu’s cup is not a message in that direction.”

“I know i shouldn’t after the Ermolova/Shmatko and Shmatko/Kramarenko flops, but i really wish that Tara Dragas and Alice Taglietti could become the next Riana or Milexandra. They’ve won and competed so many times together and seem good friends, they definitely give me major dynamic duo vibes!”

“Can someone please explain to me how the Olympic qualification for RG works? And link with those who have qualified? (New fan)”

“Ueg stressed everyone with having to qualify in the senior’s top 24 to be at Kiev 2020 in order to have a chance for Tokyo. Then now they say that every ueg affiliated country not already qualified for the olympics can send a gymnast…”

“The Deriuginas are never happy i swear. They got the euros in Ukraine and now, 5 months before it, they’re complaining because they don’t want it to be in Kiev.”