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“I know i shouldn’t after the Ermolova/Shmatko and Shmatko/Kramarenko flops, but i really wish that Tara Dragas and Alice Taglietti could become the next Riana or Milexandra. They’ve won and competed so many times together and seem good friends, they definitely give me major dynamic duo vibes!”

“Can someone please explain to me how the Olympic qualification for RG works? And link with those who have qualified? (New fan)”

“Ueg stressed everyone with having to qualify in the senior’s top 24 to be at Kiev 2020 in order to have a chance for Tokyo. Then now they say that every ueg affiliated country not already qualified for the olympics can send a gymnast…”

“The Deriuginas are never happy i swear. They got the euros in Ukraine and now, 5 months before it, they’re complaining because they don’t want it to be in Kiev.”

“i’m so screwed because i want both the Estonian and Finnish group to go Tokyo, but the continental spot will probably go to Ukraine if they do well even if they already have a spot. And i also need Salome to grab an individual spot.”

“I’m so happy for Azerbaijan for qualifying an individual and the team at worlds! I was so heartbroken in 2016 when they didn’t make it after some individuals were put into the team to bring them to Rio.”

“I just realised that in a week both Kramarenko and Raffaeli will be seniors, it’s gonna bring a shock to the rhythmic world.”

Not a confession and a bit of shameless self promo, but i think some may find it helpful, especially if they want to get into rhythmic before the Olympics. I’m making a serie of edits labelled “Road to Tokyo 2020” (the tag is rtt) about the teams/individuals who are gonna be there, plus some useful information. Hope y’all like it. 😊

“Fig should have a specific rule to prevent the Deriuginas to recycle the same inappropriately sexy choreography and use zorro’s ost and carmen 10 times each quad.”

“Now that it’s sure that Russia is banned from Tokyo it would be odd in rg because i think that the russians would prove that they’re clean, but if they do win it their medals won’t be count for russia. It’s gonna be refreshing and really weird because 99% Russia wins it even if it’s not really russia.”