Category: rhythmic gymnastics

“I’m a simple person, when I see Evgenia Kanaeva’s 2011 ribbon in my suggested videos, I’m required to watch it.”

“belarus and bulgaria are pushing forward artistry at rg and their scores badly reflect this”

“Picture it: Riverdance and clubs.”

“I just found out that Bulgaria’s Angelova and Prodanova used Because of You by my queen Kelly Clarkson for their gala in 2007!”

“The only euskalgym I don’t like of Sasha’s is 2015″

“Can FIG start doing EF for RG in the olympics? What’s stoping them? What is the problem? Why wasn’t that the initial arrangement?”

“Why don’t they have RG individual event finals like AG in the olympics? They have team and AA finals but they should have individual event as well in the olympics. If they say that Russians will get all the medals, like sure but in AG, Americans get like all the medals, in rio WAG, 9/18 medals were USA incl team.”

“Is there a reason RG is less hyped than WAG? Is it because USA is not that involved? I feel like RG needs more fans. It’s got a lot of drama and it’s interesting as well.”

“So proud of Denisa Mailat for that bronze with clubs, the 1st medal at a world cup for Romania since 2013!”

“Amina Zaripova is one of the best talent scouts in rhythmic tbh, she noticed Kanaeva, Mamun, Lala Kramarenko among others!”