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“I really want Florida to win Nationals with Trinity, Riley, and Morgan on the team at the same time.”

“riley has the most gorgeous gymnastics out there don’t @ me”

“What’s your ideal Tokyo team final if no one had ever gotten injured? Mine would be: Simone: AA Suni: VT, UB, FX Riley: UB, BB Emma Malabuyo: VT, BB, FX A little weaker on vault but when you add together the scores from other three events 🤯”

“Now it’s questionable if Riley continues to Tokyo or not. That will depend on how NCAA handles the situation. Though I’m really sad we didn’t see enough of her. She only went to 1 Worlds. If it weren’t for injuries she would’ve gone to 2017 (instead of either Ashton or Morgan) and 2019 (instead of Grace perhaps) in my opinion. I hope she makes the Olympic team and crushes it there.”

“I hope Riley is happy, healthy, and in a training situation that works well for her. I can understand if she just wants to go off to college but I’d love to see her keep going and try for the Olympics!”

“I know this may offend a lot of people, but actually my dream U.S Olympic team is Suni, Morgan, Grace and Riley”

“Thank God Riley you got the hell out of MG Elite”

“Dream USA Team: Simone, Suni, Riley, Mykayla with Jade and Kara as specialists. This team would have 3 legitimate medal/finals contender on all events. AA & UB: Simone, Suni, Riley VT & FX: Simone, Jade, Mykayla BB: Simone, Kara, Suni(, Riley)”

“If the US Olympic team was decided by the gymternet, I think it would be Simone, Suni, Riley & Morgan. And I’m 100% on board with that.”