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“Do you remember when people were trying to get ragan and Riley to be like Shawn and nastia”

“Riley is giving me Rebecca bross vibes, career wise, hope it doesn’t continue like this.”

“say what you want to say about riley’s UB dismount but I’m really like her dismount because it’s very unique and a nice change from watching all the DLOs, full ins, double doubles…”

“riley mccusker switch to WCC challenge”

“Riley really has the most well composed, choreographed and expressive floor in the US. She is one of the only ones who really connect acrobatics with everything else so the whole routine flows.”

“I love Riley’s style of gymnastics.”

“Anyone know why Riley scratched?!”

“is riley the first senior elite that’s Maggie Haney has coached beyond 1 season?”

“Really good to see Maggie being strict on Riley who wanted to continue the meet despite not feeling well and maggie actually pulling her. Most the time the athlete wants to stop but the coach says no so its really nice to see that swap athletes first always”

“I know this is kind of a shallow thing to think about, but I wish they would stop putting Riley in baby pink and having her do ballet on floor. She is so strong, so powerful, that trying to make her look soft and dainty creates a weird contrast in my eyes.”