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“Gabby’s bold lip in Rio TF was so iconic #QUEEN”

“The Final Five should’ve been: Aly Kyla Simone Katelyn Laurie”

“2012 London > 2008 Beijing > 2016 Rio > 2004 Athens > 2000 Sydney. 2000 Sydney was an absolute horror shit show for VT”

“I miss rio and 2016″

“the 2016 rio beam final was the first olympic podium to feature 3 women of 3 different ethnicities”

“I just noticed that Mustafina and Kocian had the same UB routine in Rio(with small variations)”

“I randomly watched Margarita Mamun’s Rio performances and now I’m really interested in following RG!”

“It’s so crazy to think that the Rio Olympics are almost three years ago. It seems like yesterday that I saw Team USA and Simone dominating.”


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