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Australia, China, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil…

Australia, China, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Russia, New Zealand, Romania, USA



v-komova:Fetus Lari™ at Voronin in 2006. Loo…


Fetus Lari™

at Voronin in 2006. Looks like she had a rough meet. :’)



Romania, USA, Russia, China, Italy, Australia,…

Romania, USA, Russia, China, Italy, Australia, GBR, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan

Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, GBR, Italy, N…

Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, GBR, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, USA, Russia


See RGF? This is exactly why you can’t depend on 1-2 gymnasts to carry your entire program. Yeah, right before Worlds everything seemed great because Larisa and Catalina were world class athletes who were definitely capable of winning medals. Now Cata’s retired, did you seriously expect that she’d be around forever? And she might come back but she very well might not because she’s her own person who is free to move on with her life, not some personal servant that has to drop everything she’s doing and run back into the gym whenever you need help. On top of that, Larisa’s even more injured than she was, probably because you were pushing her too hard since you know very well that she’s miles ahead of the other girls. She’s a fighter but seriously? I doubt that she’ll ever be able to get back to her pre-Worlds form, especially with how injury prone she’s always been. So who are you gonna send to Worlds, even Euros, huh? Your other gymnasts that you barely care about are also injured, retired, or moving to other countries because they’re sick of your bullshit. 

You also should have realized this years ago but whatever.




One of the Deva girls’ mom said that from what she knows, Larisa had a second surgery a few days ago…. still no official news

i have officially lost all faith in humanity tho


Word is spreading that Romania's Larisa I…

Word is spreading that Romania's Larisa Iordache has reinjured her Achilles while training bars (actually hit the bar with her leg). And took another surgery.

You have got to be fucking kidding me!

I saw some people hinting something bad happened again, but there’s nothing official yet, so I didn’t know what to make of it. There was indeed a video of her training bars a couple of days ago, so that part checks out.

Also, Larisa posted a photo on IG captioned ‘it’s hard to find words in a tough time’.

If this is true, I just can’t…