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“Roxana Popa for floor bronze in Tokyo.”

“I was not expecting this, but my favourite floor choreo from this year is not Brooklyn’s nor Eythora’s; it’s Roxana Popa’s. And I’m saying this as a Spanish person who hates flamenco, so that’s saying a lot!”

“Roxana, Brooklin and Flavia wiped the floor final with all the other contestants in terms of good music and routines that one actually enjoys to watch.”

“How ironic that Spain qualified to the Olympics and not Romania, in particular after all the years of Roxana Popa trying to be allowed to compete for Romania. I guess she is no longer working on switching teams”

“I hope we see Roxana Popa injury-free for years to come, she was off my radar to be honest but that floor routine blew me away, girl can dance!”

“What’s your list of top five underrated gymnasts of all time? Mine would be 1. Daniela Nicoleta Sofronie, 2. Roxana Popa Nedelcu, 3. Jessica López 4. Diana Chelaru, and 5. Hannah Whelan.”




I love this pass way too much.

Never a nicer whip shall you see.