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Omg what do you think will happen with the Russian women's team (and individual gymnasts) with this ban?? 😭 I hope they can prove to be clean and choose to compete under Olympic flag

they’ll just compete under the neutral flag. won’t be able to have the crest/any russian symbols on their leotards. no anthem, but it’s not like gold medals were likely anyway. i don’t think it’ll push mustafina’s retirement decision either direction. 

i feel much worse for the men’s team, with them being favorites for team gold. such a historic moment, but their (possible) win won’t go down in the record books as russia’s. same with nagornyy and dalaloyan in the all-around. 


gelya training a moors!



Immediate +5 to choreography and -5 for exhaustion before final pass



If they can’t compete for Russia…………..

could they……………..

compete for……



#god bless afanastan#land that i love#stand beside afan and guide afan to the 15s and the 16s and above#from the floor mat#to the chalk bowl#to the foam pit filled with foam#god bless afanastan my home sweet home


yall dumbfucks: this definitely means aliya will retire before tokyo

me smart galaxy brain: this definitely means aliya is gonna continue post tokyo just to compete under the russian flag once again in paris

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More gifs from the Nabievasiade!


conspiracy theory: komova’s comeback is being funded and sponsored by khorkina in order to avoid aliya winning a third olympic bars title and breaking her record