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“Has anyone done the math on if Sandra Izbasa would have won floor in 2012 had she not crashed the last pass?”

“Just rewatched the 2013 FX EF at WC and thought that despite only winning a bronze, Ro had the most beautifull gymnasts in that final (Sandra and Larisa).”

“Happy birthday to queen Sandra!”

“Sandra Izbasa’s 2008 floor is very Bridgey-esque in my mind.”

“Izbasa looks like Iggy Azalea”

“Mustafina, Sfiringu and Izbasa have the best ponytail game”

“The best all time VT was 2012 Maroney, UB was Aliya 2012, the best BB was Ponor 2004 and the best FX was Izbasa 2008, 5/5 stuck ladings”

“I was said for Maroney but that win for Izbasa was E P I C”

“Sandra Izbasa was a underrated all arounder”

Which 3 would you pick???