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“Sanne Wevers should be a judge”

“I was reading the ages of gymnasts in Wikipedia and had a brain fart and found myself wondering what a coincidence was that Lieke and Sanne Wevers had the same age to the day and the same last name… and then it hit me.”

“’Beam is all about difficult acro and lots of connections.’ Sanne Wevers: Hold it right there.”

“Gymnastics can be such an odd sport. I was thinking how Carly Patterson is only 3 years older than Sanne and Lieke Wevers, but in “gymnastics years” they feel like they are generations apart, because Carly’s career essential ended 15 years ago and our final image of her as a gymnast was from a different era of gymnastics.”

“i wonder what sanne wevers thinks about wolf turns”



Sanne Wevers (Netherlands)

2018 European Championships


2018 European Beam Champion: Sanne Wevers

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sanne wevers becomes the olympic gold medalist on beam, making her the first dutch woman to win an individual olympic gold medal in artistic gymnastics history (august 15th 2016) 🥇