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“So this NCAA season. No Brielle Nguyen, No Katelyn Ohashi. No Mykayla Skinner. No Olivia Kara’s, no McKenna Kelly, no Sarah Finnegan. Im already becoming sad”

“I wish Sarah Finnegan got a gym slam”

“I love everyone who went to 2012 olympics US trials, Sarah, Asac, Ebee, kennedy baker, Anna Li, Nastia Liukin, and the entire team. But I just can’t picture the Fierce Five with anyone else besides the team”

“Sarah Finnegan. Thats it. WHY DID YOU RETIRE! You needed to do the one and a half to get a gym slam… good bye. I will miss you.😭😭😭”

“Soooo first Sarah’s dad and then Lexie’s? What is in the air at LSU. So sad sending love to Lexie and her family❤️”

“Whatever the deal is with the finnegans, my heart goes out to their family and to Aleah. It is so sad for her to loose her father so young and poor Sarah who just got engaged who will not have her dad to walk her down the aisle”

“I hate how people are completely attacking Sarah Finnegan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning what she did and how she was a little deceptive, but she did say that she would give more information in a few days. We don’t know what that could be. The gymternet needs to stop attacking her for having a political opinion different than theirs. At least try to be respectful. Everyone has different views and I’m ashamed of our community right now.”

“If you don’t like where Sarah is donating the money from selling her leotards, don’t buy one. It’s a VERY simple solution.”

“Ah so many of you cancelling Sarah Finnegan but I just love her even more”

“Sarah finnegan is so gorgeous. Like a gorgeous gymnast, person just ugh fave”