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“Potenial Canadian Success: T: Bronze or Silver AA: Brooklyn Top 10, Ellie Top 2 VT: Shallon gets medal, Ellie gets medal with Rudi and DTT, UB: Ana Makes final, BB: Ana and Ellie get medal, Brooklyn makes final if she hits FX: Ellie makes final, Brooklyn wins medal”

“I hope Shallon competes the Cheng sometimes this season in NCAA.”

“I have a feeling Shallon won’t stay at Alabama”

“Why did Shallon Olsen’s freshman season go unoticed?”

“What I really loved at this WC: So many girls, who became 4th or 5th last year, finally medaled! Tingting, Mai AA, Eli Seitz, Shallon Olsen… <3″

“I just want to say that the women’s vault final was exciting to watch because Alexa got a medal of her own. Shallon too, and then Simone finally got her world title.”

“It’d be so cool if Simone, Shallon, and Alexa win vault then we have an all north american vault podium.”




Underrated gymnasts we sleep on, Part 1/???

Shoutout to Myzdrikova for not only having a flawless whip-double arabian, but doing a triple twist to BACK tuck – a connection that always terrifies me but when done well is INCREDIBLE

Also Bontas’ DLO is like perfect

Shallon Olsen (Canada)

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games