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“Starting predictions now: Will Shawn’s daughter be a high level gymnast? Shawn probably would want her to do it. Then again, since Shawn knows how hard it is, she might not want Drew to go through what she did. I just feel like if Drew does gymnastics she will be great (so many olympians had parents who were successful; vika; nastia, etc.). DISCLAIMER: SHAWN CAN DO WHATEVER SHE FEELS BEST I’M NOT TRYING TO GUIDE HER DECISION. But imagine predicting an Olympian when she was only 2 weeks old?”

“We don’t talk enough about what an amazing beamer Shawn Johnson was”

“I can’t believe Shawn is a mother in my head she’s still a 16 year old at the Olympics”

“The onesie is up under tshirt on the eastfam website!!!!! Seems like just yesterday we were watching Shawn win Olympic gold, and now she’s married and has a baby girl. So happy for her and her family!”


“The timing lines up so I’m just gonna put it out there… What if Shawn’s baby is born on halloween? (This is a rhetorical question)”

“My dream Olympic 2020 Team: Simone Elizabeth Shawn Jordyn”

“I feel like Shawn has been pregnant for forever”

“I feel like ragan could have potentially become like Shawn Johnson, they give me similar vibes. Oh well it’s the past.”

“Goats of FX: aly, Simone Goats of VT: maroney and Cheng fei, simona amanar Goats of BB: catalina, deng linlin, shawn Goats of UB: aliya, vika, he kexin”