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“It would be absolutely incredible if Simone manages to introduce a skill even the men haven’t competed either on vault of floor. 3.5 twisting Yurchenko? That would be insane”

“I’m still laughing at Simone’s response to her happy birthday message from usag. She is gold”

“Some people need to accept that the sentiments “Simone is a badass and she’s making history” and “I personally don’t like her gymnastics and I wish other people had the spotlight” are not incompatible and do coexist in quite a few people’s heads.”

“I will be gutted for Simone if the olympics get cancelled. I hope she doesn’t decide to retire without that final run. Even if they get delayed two years, I hope she sticks around to do another sweep and defend her titles.”

“Simone deleted all her pix of Stacey. 😱😱😱”

“Did Simone and Stacey break up?”

“When it’s mentioned that Biles could compete for Belize, the retort is ‘but she wouldn’t have good coaching or equipment’ FYI, she doesn’t have to be in Belize to compete for Belize! Another claim is that she wouldn’t get the sponsorships if she switched. That’s dumb. The best WAG in the world will get sponsorships unless she starts publicly abusing dogs or some shit. Plus, she’s rich as fuck already and her parents own a gym anyway. It’s not like she needs the money to train.”

“My Tokyo dream team (USA) is Simone Biles, Grace McCallum, Sunisa Lee, and MyKayla Skinner (with Jade Carey in the individual spot).”

“My Team USA prediction: Simone, Suni, Grace & Leanne. Not my favorite line up (50:50), but right now it seams like the most realistic one for me”

“This may sound weird but I love when gymnasts talk and post pictures online about food (like Gelya and Simone). I think having great gymnasts showing that stuff really helps to end the “you gotta starve yourself to be in shape and win” culture in gymnastics.”