Category: Stuttgart 2019


“Wow I feel like we all really underestimated the Russian women for this year’s worlds, myself included”

“I feel almost as bad for that really hype French section in the crowd as I do for Melanie herself I wanted her to get a bronze somewhere so bad. 🙁 I know her day is coming and it’ll be awesome when it happens”

“This worlds was going so well until Melanie got nothing and Flavia was robbed on floor”

“Seeing Simone jump up and so excited when the last beam score came out was actually kind of cool because she usually knows she’s going to win or like she’s won so many times it’s just kinda like okay here we go again, but beam has been her nemesis at olympics and last worlds so it was kind of nice that she actually reacted instead of just being chill if you get what I’m saying?”

“This worlds was good but I’m still sad Melanie didn’t medal anywhere.”

“Can you believe jade carey got a higher e score for her second vault than Ellie Downie (and they got very similar e scores for their first vaults) Biased judges!! Ellie should have got silver”

“I’m was watching the live stream from stuttgart and I’m so disgusted by all the hate comments towards gymnasts especially simone. it’s not her fault that she is so good!!”

“if the 2 per country rule didn’t exist, the FX podium would have just been USA: simone, suni and jade”

“What happened to Landy Madsen? I can’t find any results on how she did”