Category: Stuttgart 2019

“For someone who was only training part time up until three weeks before Worlds, Leticia Costa showed some good skills in Stuttgart. I wasn’t expecting to see a piked double arabian on floor when I looked her up.”

“Interesting, 2019 Worlds was the first Championships were I found the Men’s competitions to be much more interesting than the Women’s. The women’s competitions are starting to become pretty predictable as to who the winners will be.”

“If Mai had made team Japan at this years worlds, there’s a chance Italy wouldn’t have made it into the top 8 after qualifications. I mean the rules Japan follows are still silly, but I’m glad Italy was able to come back in such a big way and get Bronze.”

“I really like MDJDS but I’m afraid that she can’t hit when it matters. I hope Stuttgart was just a fluke and not a new pattern :-(”

“I can’t get over how beautiful and elegant Flavia looked at this year’s world.”

“If somebody had come up to me in January of 2019 and said, “MyKayla Skinner will make the worlds team over Morgan AND Riley,” I would have said, “You have obviously never watched gymnastics in your life, because Morgan and Riley are the second and third best all arounders in the USA."”

“Laney deserved to be getting 54’s and up there with the rest of the American girls on that world stage. The judges see the mean comments people write about her online and build an inherent bias from it. That’s the truth, she deserved and earned her place to Tokyo, but they stole it from her. Love you Laney, keep fighting!”

“Simone looked amazing in the red Leo at worlds, high neck collars are her thing❤️”

“Okay but this world champs in both MAG and WAG were such a step up from the two previous years, much more exciting and less injury. Hope this carries into Tokyo 2020.”

“Unexpected blessed things: Cunningham going full puppy mode and biting Joe’s leg out of nervousness to know JOE’s results in PB.”