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“Yao Jinnan, sui lu, yang yilin, huang huidan, Komova, porgras, ksenia afanasyeva need to come back 😭😭”

“I appreciate sui lu’s floor even more when i think about the rest of China on that event. Some of them could barely make a double tuck, and she won a world medal on floor”

“I miss the 2009-2012 quad’s competitivity and gymnasts. All of the conpetitions were just so exciting to watch. And Sui Lu was competing… I miss her beauty and perfection both on beam and floor…”

“I just love how everyone on here just loves He Kexin and Sui Lu and there isn’t any drama/fights about them unlike Ponor, Komova, Biles, Skinner…”

“TBH I thought Sui Lu deserved gold in the 2011 Fx final. I love Afan and her both, but I thought she just had an overall cleaner and more artistic performance.”

“Happy late birthday to Sui Lu, queen of China!”


Which 3 would you pick???

Vika – AA

Mckayla – VT

Sui Lu – BB

Which 3 would you pick???


“Hello ma’am may we take a minute of your time to talk about our lord and savior Sui Lu?”