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“just because suni slayed stuttgart and morgi had a rough year doesn’t mean suni has replaced morgi. there is and SHOULD be room for both of them on the 4-person team because they are talented beyond belief”

“if the 2 per country rule didn’t exist, the FX podium would have just been USA: simone, suni and jade”

“I love Suni. She epitomizes everything I like about gymnastics- strength, elegance, and willing to take risks. Yes, she made mistakes this championships, but her bars and AA ability gaurentees her spot on the olympic team barring injury. I also hope she continues beyond 2020 and fills the black hole left by Simone.”

“Who is going to hold WAG together after Simone’s gone? Suni?, that’s so much pressure on her. And with her dad’s recent accident, she doesn’t need this pressure 😭 Who else can fill that role? They won’t give it to Morgan so if suni and Morgan can’t there’s like no one else”

“I want to see how USA WAG holds up in the next quad without Simone. Suni and jade are pretty solid and can cover FX VT BB and UB pretty well just the two of them. Who are the others? Morgi and…?”

“USA wag Tokyo team: simone, suni, morgi and jade BB VT UB and FX all covered”

“Melka and Suni had gorgeous Leos in the AA final.”


Sunisa Lee (USA)

2019 World Championships: Uneven Bars Final

“so glad that suni can redeem herself with the UB bronze and also very surprising that she got FX silver!!”

“Suni is doing more than just being successful in her career rn. She is one of the first Hmong American athletes to be on this level of a sport. What she is doing for our community will pave the way for more Hmong American dreams.”