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“Dream USA Team: Simone, Suni, Riley, Mykayla with Jade and Kara as specialists. This team would have 3 legitimate medal/finals contender on all events. AA & UB: Simone, Suni, Riley VT & FX: Simone, Jade, Mykayla BB: Simone, Kara, Suni(, Riley)”

“I thought Beth Tweddle would always be my favourite on ub but looking at Suni’s recent training videos I think that might change this year”

“For some reason when I first saw Sunisa’s name, I pronounced it “Soon-nizz-zee-uh” in my head and haven’t been able to correct myself no matter how hard I try”

“Here’s my 2020 US team prediction that no one asked for but none of my friends are into gymnastics so I have to say everything here – Simone, Sunisa, Jade, Grace (Kara instead of Grace if she fixes her beam)”

“Kayla DiCello, Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Morgan Hurd would be an awesome 2020 team”

“My 2020 wish: an entirely PoC US team. Come on, with Simone, Kara, Morgan, Leanne, Sunisa, Jordan and Trinity you have your pick!”

“So… Suni is going to Auburn. Hmm… I wonder how she will do there.”

“My dream Olympic team would be Simone and Morgan with Jordan and Shilese making it as dark horses, and then Jade and Sunisa for the individual spots.”

“If the US Olympic team was decided by the gymternet, I think it would be Simone, Suni, Riley & Morgan. And I’m 100% on board with that.”

“I hope suni and Kayla dicello are the American cup competitors”