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“I remember wondering a few years ago if Simone would ever beat Khorkina’s record for named skills (at least I think Khorkina has the most) and if she plans to retire after 2020 I don’t know if she will make it but it certainly isn’t for lack of trying”

“Why is it when Khorkina complains about the sport, she’s a crazy eccentric woman but when Simone does it, she’s a brave, outspoken badass?”

“I know that obviously Simone has achieved more then Khorkina however, for there time both are amazing gymnasts. But for some reason people find Khorkinas bragging annoying and unreasonable yet at the same time they praise Simone for doing the same thing. They also claim that today’s culture forces women to stay humble yet praise Mustafina for doing just that…”

“Svetlana Khorkina is legendary and gymnastics is nothing without her.”

“Gymnastics needs another Khorkina so badly. Say what you want about her but she was at least INTERESTING. I am so bored by everyone today save Nabieva.”

“I love Svetlana Khorkina so much. When I get sick of the awfully boring routines today, re-watching her routines restores my faith in gymnastics. We need another Sveta STAT”

“The fact that Khorkina hasn’t been inducted to the Gymnastics Hall of Fame seems off. You may dislike her, but the fact is she’s done more than a lot of people there.”

“Khorkina was the only one who could make dismounting off the side of the beam work imo”

“About the Sveta vs Karly controversy, since it was the perfect 10 system where execution matterd more than difficulty I believe Karly deserved to win. Zvetlana had balance checks on beam. Karly’s floor was just better. In the same olympics Catalina left home her 5 acro connection on beam to win the gold. Blame the game not the player. Blame Zvetlana’s coaches who should have downgraded her routines but in that particular case USAG did not cheat to win”

“Is it bad that when I see Svetlana Khorkina I see my nana? I do a double take every time!”