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Congratulations on your silver Xixi ♥︎

“People: “Simone won her fifth A-” Me: [impatiently] “yes and also water is wet NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT XIXI"”

“Xixi is SO pretty!”

“Xixi riding in to save the day like “yes hello I AM the true AAer China has been waiting for since Cheng Fei and Jiang Yuyuan retired, nbd” – LOVE HER!!”

“i will literally never stop screaming about xixi”

“Wow I am so happy for China! So happy for TXJ! Does anyone know if Chow is head coach of China temporarily or full time? He IS staying there right? I hope stays there.”

“Play Tang Xijing’s ub dismount at my funeral”

“tang xijing’s beam makes me cry tears of happiness”

“The gymternet: Who cares about the people who qualify lower than 10th? They don’t have a shot at the medals anyway. Tang Xijing: Guuuuuueesssss whaaaaaat, gurl? Sam Mikulak: So you’re saying there’s a chance?”

“ALL HAIL QUEEN XIXI!!!! She is the most precious adorable thing and I’m SO happy for her!!!”