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“USA won its first Olympic team gold medal at home in Atlanta 1996. Same for China in Beijing 2008. Can France hold to this pattern and triumph in Paris 2024.”

“I feel almost as bad for that really hype French section in the crowd as I do for Melanie herself I wanted her to get a bronze somewhere so bad. 🙁 I know her day is coming and it’ll be awesome when it happens”

“I can’t decide who I want on the team podium more: France or Italy.”

“Teams Canada and Italy are going to be battling for team bronze this year. Maybe France if they hit.”

“Whoah! I’m so impressed with team France at euros. 2 golds and one silver for Mélanie, 1 bronze for Lorette and one silver for Coline!!!! Morever they showed us what a team should be like : United as one and happy for each one <3″

“Seeing the French girls (including Laurette Charpy, who was also competing!) celebrating Melanie’s gold as if it was a team gold (crying included) was the cutest and most heartwarming thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

“I wouldn’t be suprised to see the 12 countries that qualified for the Rio Olympics also qualify for Tokyo. Except I see France and Italy beat out the Netherlands and Germany for a spot in the team final.”

“I just noticed Carolann Heduit’s Birmingham leotard looks similar to the Emilie Le Pennec’s 2004 AA leotard!”

“little by little the french group is making progress and they’re 5 hoops is so good, if they can make it into top 10 next year they have a fair chance at the olympics!”