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“All I want for Tokyo is for GBR to win medals: Ellie Downie, Becky Downie, Claudia Frags, Max Whitlock, Louis Smith, Nile Wilson, Joe.”

“Alice Kinsella deserves to go to Tokyo just for being the only consistent part of team GB this quad. After all she’s done for the team and how much she’s grown I’ll be sad if she doesn’t make it.”

“So proud of Becky, Ellie, Max and Joe! GO GB!!”

“Say what you want about GB men, they have the best camaraderie of all the teams at worlds, made me so happy to see how genuinely thrilled they were for Joe Fraser!”

“The Downie sisters and Ireland’s first world medal…Yeah, it keeps getting better.”

“Can Amy and Claudia please come back from injury soon? Floor is awful for GBR right now, and Fenton is a headcase in competition right now!”

“So many incorrect facts stated at World’s. 2 glaring examples I’ve heard 1) GMF won Commonwealth Bars Gold, not Downie. 2) podium not being broken into by underfog teams for over a decade. I guess 2015 has been forgotten!”

“The nbc broadcasters said the last time a different country other than Russia USA and China was 2007 Romania… incorrect Britain was literally on the podium in 2015″

“It finally seems that gbr is trying to become more competitive in rg, they sent a team for the 1st time in years in Sofia and now they have some quite promising juniors, and a junior team i believe, too!”

“Both the british wag team and the bulgarian rg team are heading to japan for a training camp!”