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“And the worst Federation ever award goes to: HUNGARY!! Olivia, Nora… I so sorry”

“ag fans if y’all like that wonder woman leotard then go watch team hungary 5 hoops from this year, you’ll be amazed by it ;)”



I can finally OFFICIALLY start tagging posts about Olivia Cimpian as #TeamHungary because her nationality change was approved at the most recent FIG exec committee meeting!!!

Excited to see her at a few challenge cups next spring, hopefully! 


As we await whatever nationality change the FIG and Hungarian Federation must be discussing with the Romanian Fed right now, the Hungarian head coach posted a few videos of Cimpian training, saying she has really developed as an athlete since moving gyms (and countries). You can find them HERE (you have to be logged in to FB to watch) 

I was particularly impressed by the bar releases (GREAT piked jaeger & toe on tkachev), and the LOSO beam mount is really cool too. She’s also training a laid out full on beam (looks Larisa-esque, must be in the Romanian DNA), AND a tucked full!!! 

I’m glad to see her training is going well and seeing that despite being unable to compete, she hasn’t lost the motivation to continue learning new skills. The national team girls all welcomed her very warmly as well and made sure she feels welcome.