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“By the way, Alexa Moreno received the National Sports Award in Mexico last week and it was in all our newspapers. I thought you might want to know.”

“Elsa García uploaded a video denouncing harassment from Eric and Cecile Demay, and also that they pulled her from the bars trials at Stuttgart as a revenge for asking to have her own coach with her and made her miss her chance to qualify for Tokyo. So far the Mexican Gymnastics Federation has only gave empty words in response. I thought more people need to know about this.”

“Not only Alexa Moreno qualified to Tokio, but I just found out Daniel Corral did as well!! /*does the Mexican happy dance.”

“The Olympic Commitee of Mexico is cutting all travel expenses of athletes. I’m fearing for Alexa.”

“Okay I am just as happy for Alexa as you are, but let’s keep in mind that she has the first WAG medal in Worlds for Mexico, not the first overall medal, because there is Daniel Corral (and I love him just as much as I love Alexa, btw).”