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“Hoping Romania’s bad luck will be over next year.”

“Can someone make one of those Powerpoint Comic Sans explainer things for the baby Russians and Romanians turning senior next year?”

“I am dreading the day when Romanian WAG becomes so shit that if they qualify an individual, we’ll be acting so proud because an underrepresented country is getting attention for once. And then once in a blue moon, they might medal on something.”

“Can Romania please make a comeback? I had no presents this year for 21st birthday and don’t want Christmas presents, I just want Romania to come back, back in TF and EF medal contention”

“This is so fked up, but I only really like seeing and watching the big four compete and win (USA China Russia and Romania), there’s just something about it, like they WERE all so strong, similar level and winning things and it was like who’s going to win, who can maintain their winning streak for the longest. Too bad Russia China and Romania WAG is so messy now especially Romania.”

“Enjoy while you can. Next quad Ukraine and Romania are coming back with a statement”

Romanian WAG Nationals 2019:



“Ok but BHS + Back tuck 1/1 def belongs to Ro as a power house/ ex power house in gymnastics.”

“Plot twist: Romania wins a team medal these worlds. The GOLD.”

“Denisa is having some back pain… Probably from carrying the team”