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Octavian Bellu celebrating his birthday aka Romanian gymnastics royalty get together

Who is that in between Catalina and Dana Sofronie?

I think that’s Corina Ungureanu

Are Romanian plane and train tickets cheap or …

Are Romanian plane and train tickets cheap or something because whenever i see Andreea Munteanu, Stefania Stanila and Diana Bulimar's stories, it always seems like they're in a new Romanian city lol. Don't they (Munteanu and Stanila) have university to be at??

It depends on where you’re at and where you’re going. From Bucharest there are really cheap flights to Cluj, Timisoara or Iasi, for example. And by cheap I mean under
€40, both trips included (Cluj was like
€25 last year when I went for Euros). I haven’t been travelling by train recently, but I’m sure short distance trips are still cheap. A few years ago I’d go every other weekend to the seaside or mountains by train bc, beings so close to Bucharest, it was fast and affordable and i had no responsabilities at the time lmao.

Regarding the university, not all classes have 100% mandatory attendance, especially if they go to Sports Universities, where I assume they can skip some classes due to their history.







The Romanian team is comprised of Iordache and 5 random children they found wandering around Deva.

This is from 2014 but this is the most hilarious but sadly accurate thing.

They dont even have Iordache now

Much less the 5 random children

Love your blog! Do you know why Larisa calls D…

Love your blog! Do you know why Larisa calls Didi “Gogo”? And what “GogoSiGogo” means? I know it’s a nickname but I’m wondering if it has a meaning 🙂

Thank you 💜 Technically, ‘Gogo’ doesn’t mean anything, but its short for ‘gogoașă’, which is the Romanian word for ‘donut’. They both call each other that, so ‘GogoȘiGogo’ stands for ‘Donut and Donut’ – a tag they use when they post photos of them together.


The RGF might not get funding this year

The Sports Ministry received funding requests from 65 Federations (RGF included), however, only 41 were accepted. Apparently, the Ministry had a commission look into said requests, checking if the info being filed in the application was correct, and if the Federations met the set criteria to be granted funding. Apparently, both Gymnastics Federations (AG & RG) failed the evaluation.

If RGF can fix its issues in the upcoming days/weeks, it can still become eligible for funding. If not, the situation will, probably, be tragic for the program.


Did Jurca retire? I feel like I haven't h…

Did Jurca retire? I feel like I haven't heard anything about her in forever

No, I don’t think she retired, but she’s not representing Romania anymore either according to her father, who also said she’s training in Germany now. I assume this means she will only compete in Bundesliga from now on (she’s been competing for Ulm for a while now).

do you know how is the senior team going? as i…

do you know how is the senior team going? as in do they even have enough to make a team without Lari? Also any news on Denisa?

Currently there are nine seniors on the National Team

Ioana Crisan, Carmen Ghiciuc, Carmen Glavan, Denisa Golgota, Maria Holbura, Laura Iacob, Nica Ivanus, Alexandra Mihai and Anamaria Ocolisan.

Technically, they have enough to make a team, but considering possible injuries (and there’s been a fair share of that lately), it’s hard to tell if they’ll be able to send a full team to Euros and Worlds. Not to mention the fact that a lot of them haven’t competed in ages, so there’s no way of telling where they’re at at the moment and if they’re ready or not.

Unfortunately, there’s no news on Denisa, except, obviously, the fact that she’s still on the NT.

I really hope she’s healed and can shine as a senior, and maybe they found a way to help Crisan overcome her emotions. Iacob and Ivanus were training some cool upgrades last year (including double doubles on floor), but then skipped Nationals due to injury, so no clue where they’re at now. Overall, there is potential, but given how they managed past generations, I wouldn’t get too hyped for this year.


Info on the new foreign UB coach RFG brought to Deva

Nick Ruddock, the guy RGF brought to help out with the bars situation, is a British gymnastics coach, consultant and motivational speaker. He says he’s career has been influenced by a Romanian, Adrian Stan, and he’s happy to be in Deva given the history of the place. He says he’ll be trying to come up with individual solutions and find out what’s missing in bars training.

He will not be a full time coach in Deva, but he will be running 8 training camps/sessions throughout the year, the first one being held now (January 29th – February3rd).

Ruddock was a gymnast himself, to later became a coach. He worked in the US, in Al Fong and Valeri Liukin’s gyms, and later became a coach on the British junior team. He was also Amy Timkler’s personal coach for a year.

Forminte says he’s open to a new collaboration and he’s happy to get help in order to fix the errors that arise from the poor basics the girls get at clubs. Of course, he adds the disclaimer that a lot will depend on the girls’ desire to improve, because no matter how many coaches they have and how good they are, at the end of the day, it’s them that go up to compete.

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Amalia Puflea (10 years old) is training a double double and a FTDLO, which is both really impressive and kinda unnecessary imo

Amalia won AA, UB, BB & FX and got VT silver at Romanian Junior Nats in her age group.