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Romanian Teams for Doha

WAG: Denisa Golgotă, Ioana Crișan, Carmen Ghiciuc, Laura Iacob, Nica Ivănuș & Maria Holbură

Marian Drăgulescu, Andrei Muntean, Cristian Bățagă, Adelin Kotrong, Robert Ghiuzan & Rafael Szabo

*they didn’t mention who the alternates are

“Romania stops wearing white leos and then the…

“Romania stops wearing white leos and then their team falls apart. Coincidence?”

You didn't include her but I just want to…

You didn't include her but I just want to give Daniela Trica a shout out!! Her beam was the one that showed more potential for me, and she upgraded the mount!!!!! (watch?v=mGYHjyXn560)

Agreed, Daniela most definitely deserves a shout out! When I made that post there was no video of her routines on yt yet, which is why I didn’t include her, but thank you for pointing it out. She just became BB National Champion this weekend! Also, she was 4th AA, barely missing the bronze by a couple of tenths, and she’s very pretty on floor.


Some highlights from Romanian Nationals

Ioana Stanciulescu being gorgeous on floor as expected. She is the National AA silver medalist, and qualified into 1st to the bars and floor EFs, but ended up withdrawing due to back pain. Here is her bars routine from TF/AA.

Antonia Duta being a ray of sunshine on floor with high tumbling, including a double arabian and the cutest smile and wink at the end

AA champ Silvia Sfiringu being confident and smiley (!) on beam.


For the people asking about Andreea Ciurusniuc’s FIG license and the possibility of her going to Worlds… I don’t know if she has a license, at the moment she’s not even part of the National Team, unfortunately.

I really doubt she’s being considered for Worlds since Forminte and others have talked about a Golgota, Ivanus, Iacob, Ghiciuc, Crisan & Holbura team for a few days now. I do think they should consider her for future big teams, but it would be incredibly important to let her train in Bucharest with her current coaches instead of taking her to Deva. Personal opinion, but when a girl training out of passion at her club, putting in far less training hours is outscoring the full-time NT members, that says a lot about the bars coaching in Deva, which is why they should stop dragging everyone there as soon as they start showing potential at their club. Let them train with their personal coaches!

Once again, big congrats to Andreea for today! Here’s her routine again.





UB EF was won by Andreea Ciurusniuc, the girl who took a year off to pass her highschool exams and get into Sports University, which she did, and who currently does only one practice a day out of passion for gymnastics. You go, Queen!

what’s the score and difficulty? and is there anywhere we can watch her routine? 🙂

This is her EF rutine. I don’t remember the score, and the official results haven’t been posted yet, but on Day 1 she got a 4.3 Dscore



2018 Romanian Nats || Day 1 – TF & AA

Not much to write home about on Day 1 of Nationals. And that’s a nice way of putting it.

See, I’d start off with the scores, but I don’t know them yet. The rankings were never shown throughout the competition, the commentator would just say some of the scores (most of which, of course, I don’t remember), and at the end, she said that if she did the math right, the standings AA should be:

1. Silvia Sfiringu (Jr), 2. Ioana Stanciulescu (Jr), 3. Ioana Crisan (Sr)

And then the broadcast ended. So… might or might not be. What? Is that not how these things are supposed to go? Anyway, I’ll post the official results eventually. Hopefully today, but you never know.

Denisa Golgota, currently the best gymnast on the team, withdrew before the competition started following what seems to be an injury in warm-ups. Iulia Berar didn’t compete either despite the fact that she was on the start list. No mention of what happened there.

A lot of mistakes and a lot of gymnasts doing the same routines/elements. From what I saw on TV, Sfiringu was the only one to do a DTY, while everyone else went for FTYs. Most bars dismounts were double back tucks. The majority of the floor routines had the exact same tumbling passes – full-in tucked, 2.5 twist-to-front salto (mostly tucked), double pike, double tuck.

There were a few beautiful moments worth sharing, such as Stanciulescu’s gorgeous floor routine, Sfiringu’s confidence throughout, and Duta’s charming performance on floor, but, overall, a pretty bleak day.

Ioana Crisan did well for herself considering the huge amount of time she sat out due to injuries, and even got a medal out of this, but all in all, her lack of confidence is still there, just like that terrified look in her eyes before starting her routines. She counted a fall by the end of her beam routine, followed by a very low dismount, but had a decent showing on the other three events. She can definitely upgrade everywhere, the real question is whether she will be able to keep her emotions in check in a big competion. Ivanus struggled. Ghicuc could score well on bars if she hits, but otherwise she does 3 passes on floor (including a double tuck and pike) and a FTY on vault.

All in all, the senior team did not impress (AA gold and silver were won by juniors), and a lot is riding on Denisa Golgota’s injury and whether she can or can not compete in Doha. At the moment it’s not known for sure if it’s a serious injury or she withdrew just as a precaution. If it really is serious and she can’t compete at Worlds, then the situation is tragic for the team.

Unrelated, Larisa was one of the commentators (for the first time, I think?) and kudos to her for doing a great job! She was lovely, actually naming skills, being relevant, and having something nice to say about everyone. Hope she’ll be back tomorrow.

Edit: Crisan did not end up with the bronze as the commentator said, she was fifth. It was Nica Ivanus that got the bronze.

All Around

  1. Silvia Sfiringu – 53.600 (13.75 / 12.95 / 13.95 / 12.95)
  2. Ioana Stanciulescu – 53.300 (13.050 / 13.2 / 13.2 / 13.85)
  3. Nica Ivanus – 52.050 (13.2 / 12.050 / 13.55 / 13.25)

Team Final

  1. CS Farul Constanta – 157.950 (Sfiringu, Stanciulescu, Holbura)
  2. CNS Cetate Deva – 154.100 (Golgota, Ivanus, Crisan, Ghiciuc)
  3. CSM Onesti – 141.400 (Iacob, Pascu, Gherman)



UB EF was won by Andreea Ciurusniuc, the girl who took a year off to pass her highschool exams and get into Sports University, which she did, and who currently does only one practice a day out of passion for gymnastics. You go, Queen!


Denisa says she’s much better than yesterday and the MRI showed there’s nothing serious. Her goals for Worlds are vault and floor finals, and even a good AA showing if she hits all of her routines.

‘Yes, I improved on bars and I won’t stop here!’ – Heh, bless her!

She mentioned working on a new second vault, so apparently the new vault was not an Amanar, but a 2nd vault upgrade. She’s working on bars and beam, and looked very confident in the interview, really has a great attitude.

Ioana Stanciulescu also withdrew EFs at Nationals because of back pain. It doesn’t seem too serious, but she said she just couldn’t perform today.