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What do you think has to be done to save Roman…

What do you think has to be done to save Romanian gymnastics? It’s so sad how it fell apart 🙁

I don’t know if it will ‘save’ Romanian gymnastics, but to improve the situation, first of all, they need to hire the best sports psychologist they can find. It’s obvious the girls have been needing that in the last few years and it’s totally understandable given the huge pressure they’re under. That is actually one of the easiest changes they can implement, since it’s not something big like buying equipment or building a gym, it’s just one man’s salary, and I think it can actually make a difference in the girls’ performance.

The coaches need to stop glorifying one single gymnast. We can joke all we want about how ‘x/y/z is the savior of Romanian gymnastics’, but a coach should not. They need to form a team, and putting one gymnast above the others/putting all their hopes in one gymnast is not the way to do it. It’s been already proven in 2015 that a gymnast alone, be it even one of the best AAers in the World, can’t carry a team by herself.

They need to give everything to the current generation instead of giving up and projecting all their hope (and pressure) onto the juniors. We’ve seen it too many times lately. There’s nothing we can do now, but next year we’ll have Munteanu, then Iridon/Jurca, then Cimpian/Crisan, then Golgota. Same thing happened now after Euros. ‘It’s bad now, but don’t worry, the junior team is awesome, they’ll make it big’. It’s wrong both because it was proven as a bad strategy bofere, and because the junior Euros team can’t help with the Tokyo qualification since they turn senior in 2020.

If it’s true they don’t have a choreographer, they need to get one asap. Just like the sports psychologist, this is not a huge effort.

Ideally, a coaching staff revamp would be great, but I don’t see that happening. No offence, but it’s just not working out. Idk, maybe they have the technical skills, but if for the last few years most of their girls ‘have not been motivated’ or ‘have been unwilling to work’ (their own words) and have been having confidence issues in competition, just let someone else try out. It hasn’t been one or two gymnasts, it’s been way too many. Maybe others would do a better job, maybe other coaches would know how to motivate their athletes, how to make them confident in their own strength. Most gymnasts around the world are teenagers, and yet you don’t see their coaches complain non stop about it. It’s not a genetic trait for Romanian 16 year olds to be especially difficult. Shocking, I know, but teenagers can be motivated if you know how to.

*Later edit: Also, the girls should be allowed to join the National Team with their club coaches, like they do in Russia for example. Changing coaches and having to get used to a different coaching style altogether in such a critical moment, instead of staying with the people you’re used to working with, can really affect one’s career/results.





Didi Bulimar for OK! Magazine (x)

Didi Bulimar for OK! Magazine (x)


Just some mind-numbing statements from Forminte

Forminte says he needs more support in order to do his job (?!?) He asks for support. Him. The guy that shamed his own gymnasts by saying on live television that they have no hope for medals and only one of them is worth it. Him. A 60 year old man, whose first reaction was to blame 16 year old girls. He needs support. Children can just take the blame, you know, they’re tough. The head coach is the one to be supported.

He says he’s responsible for vault and floor training, and things are going ok there. And I agree, I mean we do have the one DTY on the NT. Congrats.

Beam was bad at Euros because of apparatus order. It’s tough to go on beam after a bars disaster. If he gets the support he needs, he’ll fix bars. Bc of course he will, I guess.

He also asks people to support the girls because 2019 will be a tough year and it’s hard on them. As if someone said anything bad about the girls in the first place. All the comments I’ve seen are criticizing the coaches or the Federation.

According to him, the girls feel guilty when reading how people are criticizing the coaches, because the girls know how much they work for them. Awfully convinient, if you ask me. Stop criticizing the coaches, you’re making the girls feel guilty!

About his outburst after quals, he was upset and he said those things publicly to ‘wake them up and to make them understand things are serious’. Because as we know, basically calling someone worthless, is great motivation.

‘It was proven once again that Denisa and I are a strong team, we have set a goal, and we intend to reach it.’ .. ‘It’s hard to be alone against everyone, but I won’t give up. As long as I have Denisa and this group of juniors by my side, I feel strong.’

No offence, I love Denisa and support her with all my heart as I’ve said a hundred times, but the head coach shouldn’t make ‘a team’ with one of his gymnasts and shame the others in public for not being good enough. It will amount to nothing for the actual team. (x)

Anyway… I’m just so disgusted. I’ll probably write a rant post tomorrow, bc I just need to vent about everything that’s happened / I’ve read in the last week.


Antonia Duta’s sky-high double arabian

Do you think the Moldovans would be the best h…

Do you think the Moldovans would be the best head coaches for Romania?

I don’t know if the best, but I’m sure they’d do a much better job. They’re obviously capable of teaching hard skills, their gymnasts were among the most successful Romanian gymnasts last quad, they seem to really care about their gymnasts and they were on the right track building a great team in 2014 (plus the great work as junior head coaches before that). It makes me really sad that people like them are not on the NT. I don’t even know if they’d want to do it anymore, but I sure think it would be a huge improvement.

Duta did well too, her tumblings are so high a…

Duta did well too, her tumblings are so high and well executed! It is a shame the tie, UEG should allow juniors to tie (/watch?v=uIHejwQvanA)

YES! She was great, I loved her! Her tumbling was high, especially the arabian and she’s very expresive, I just wish they’d give her better choreo to show that. Too bad they broke the tie tbh, she deserved a medal.

i was reading comments on the romanian's …

i was reading comments on the romanian's federation of gymnastics facebook page, where they posted that the team had disappointed and not qualified to the finals. my fave comment was when someone said: "You have a problem of professional ethics with this post. The team must be encouraged, regardless of the outcome. It's the spirit of sport itself, cynical idiots from the Federation." LOL

Lmao I know, most of the comments on that post are great. I’m glad to see the people not bashing the gymnasts for the result as the coaches would want them, and instead understanding that it’s a much bigger problem there.

Ioana Stanciulescu’s gorgeous floor routine ||…

Ioana Stanciulescu’s gorgeous floor routine || GOLD