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“The Russian men’s team is SO sexy omg. Hello David Belyavskiy!!!”

“If Musty goes to Tokyo I will cry tears of joy”

“New Head Coach for Russian WAG Senior team. New roster for senior team (which includes Aliya Mustafina). Same old bitchy Rodionenko who says “Aliya will only be in contention if she solves her weight issues”. Some things/people never change.”

But also me: Listy 2021-24 AA champion”

“Can Russia still have a WAG and MAG team in Tokyo and compete under ROA flag just like at the Peyongchang?”

“all of you taking about the russia ban do realize that clean russians are allowed to compete.. they’re not banning everyone in the country”

“Now that it’s sure that Russia is banned from Tokyo it would be odd in rg because i think that the russians would prove that they’re clean, but if they do win it their medals won’t be count for russia. It’s gonna be refreshing and really weird because 99% Russia wins it even if it’s not really russia.”

“The more I think about the Russian ban, the more a mess things look. Are their gymnasts going to get individual spots based on their results at competitions? What happens to the athletes that had these spots? Who gets the team spot? Or are we just gonna be a team short in qualifications? This is going to be an awful mess no matter what. I just hope I get to see Artur in Tokyo, somehow.”

“Can Russia still compete in as a team under the neutral flag or does this ban mean Australia gets to send a team to Tokyo?”

“omg please let Gelya go to Tokyo!! I hope she agrees to compete under the neutral flag!”