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“Just a thought, would any gymnasts consider to make a come back after Simone retires? If so, who?”

“just because suni slayed stuttgart and morgi had a rough year doesn’t mean suni has replaced morgi. there is and SHOULD be room for both of them on the 4-person team because they are talented beyond belief”

“I like Grace McCallum but to me she doesn’t really stick out like if I were to choose one of the five worlds girls I’d pick Simone Suni Jade and Kara for Tokyo. Grace can be mostly reliable and can put up nice scores for the team but none of her events stick out in the thick of USAG like jade sticks out in vt and fx, Kara beam, Suni ub and fx, Simone everything, like she’s great she usually gets around top 10 but is always 2pc by the rest and just doesn’t outshine anyone”

“I don’t understand how some people can complain about how Simone/American dominance is making the sport boring in one sentence and then rail against two-per-country in the next”

“This is so fked up, but I only really like seeing and watching the big four compete and win (USA China Russia and Romania), there’s just something about it, like they WERE all so strong, similar level and winning things and it was like who’s going to win, who can maintain their winning streak for the longest. Too bad Russia China and Romania WAG is so messy now especially Romania.”

“the US men are obsessed with getting fourth place”

“People always say that the Averinas have no style, are boring. But can you name any other gymnasts who perform like them in the world? No one besides them has that style and character of performing, and for that alone, we can say that that IS their style. While it may not be the classical Russian Yana, Kanaeva style, it’s still distinct in their own way. I mean if you say this, then I can say Simone has no style but she DOES. Style doesn’t mean dainty and balletic all the time.”

“Who is going to hold WAG together after Simone’s gone? Suni?, that’s so much pressure on her. And with her dad’s recent accident, she doesn’t need this pressure 😭 Who else can fill that role? They won’t give it to Morgan so if suni and Morgan can’t there’s like no one else”

“Why didn’t we make mihai or chow as USA WAG team coordinator, they are successful coaches, nice people, can pace gymnasts well and virtually drama free”

“I want to see how USA WAG holds up in the next quad without Simone. Suni and jade are pretty solid and can cover FX VT BB and UB pretty well just the two of them. Who are the others? Morgi and…?”