Category: Tim Daggett

“"It surprised a lot of people, didn’t surprise me at all but a lot of other people were surprised" – the ever humble Tim Daggett”

“I want FIG to allow the USA to send an additional, second “B Team” (and addition to the “A Team”) to a world championships JUST ONCE, and ONLY so that Tim’s obnoxious theory that USA could send 2 teams and have them go 1 and 2 could be silenced once and for all. Additional incentive, even if B-Team hits, 2 per country rules still apply (outside of team final, because Tim’s theory needs to be proven wrong). Imagine the chaos of people from B-Team displacing people from A-team from finals.”

“I feel like Tim dagget ginxes everything. When liu was on bars and he goes “now watch this right here this is amazing” as soon as he said that I had a feeling she was gonna fall. It’s like every time he says something like that more often than not the gymnast falls”

“I love how much Tim loves the Bhavsar, because same. 😍”

“I actually didn’t hate Tim’s commentary during the WAG TF. I think he did a good job.”

“Tim Daggett’s twitter is iconic”

“Unpopular opinion, I like Tim, especially when he gets butthurt when US gymnasts get beaten.”

“TBH Tim Dagget is not that over the top about Simone. It’s just the same way the gymternet talks about her, but with a microphone and a camera.”

“I challenge Tim Daggett to go through ONE competition where Simone isn’t competing without mentioning her name. Betcha he can’t do it.”

“Lets just admit it. Tim Dagget is Simone’s biggest fan.”