Category: tokyo 2020

“I really don’t want it to be true, but I don’t think Aliya will even make Tokyo”

“I am rooting for Riley to make the Tokyo team. I really hope she can become more consistent and show routines like her Pan Am Games qualifications more often where she was phenomenal. Everything she does is just elegant and precise. A team with her, Biles, Lee would be absolute perfection. (4th gymnast being one of: McCallum, Chiles, Skinner or Wong)”

“I need that meme with the lady yelling and then there’s the angry cat. Because that is me, rage yelling about how Riley should make the olympic team.”

“People about AA finals in Tokyo: I want this list of 8+ people to get medals but there’s only 3 medals:( Me: K but come on there’s really only two medals up for grabs because Simone will get gold 99.999999999999% of the time, and the other .000000000001% is her getting silver bc of injury or a Romanian comeback (I wish)”

“I don’t even care about MAG but if Eleftherios Petrounias doesn’t get to go to Tokyo I will bawl like a baby”

“Is it still possible for Larisa to go to Tokyo?”

“I would love it if Jordan Chiles made the Olympic team. Talk about a major glow up if that happened. Now I’m hoping for Simone, Sunisa, Morgan, and Jordan for the 4-person team.”

“If Tingting falls on beam at the Tokyo Qualifications I will cry”

“I hope The All Around trio can all make the Olympic team”

“Roxana Popa for floor bronze in Tokyo.”