Category: tokyo 2020

“If Asuka can’t go to Tokyo then there’s honestly no point to Tokyo tbh”

“Sanne Wevers is gonna get an Olympic gold on the balance beam again. Gonna go a Wevers + Illusion + Okino, A Triple twisting Gainer a double twisting back handspring mount. #TEAM SANNE”

“Dream USA Team: Simone, Suni, Riley, Mykayla with Jade and Kara as specialists. This team would have 3 legitimate medal/finals contender on all events. AA & UB: Simone, Suni, Riley VT & FX: Simone, Jade, Mykayla BB: Simone, Kara, Suni(, Riley)”

“I want a miracle to happen and have David Belyavskiy, Sam Mikulak, and Nile Wilson 1-2-3 AA in Tokyo! (I know it won’t, but a girl can dream!)”

“Aliya was the first gymnast I was a really big fan of back in 2012 and there’s a part of me that really wants to see her defend her title but Nina’s routines and skills are so clean and beautiful that it would be a travesty if she performs well and anybody else scores higher.”

“Flavia for AA, BB & FX medals in Tokyo “

“My dream is for Melanie to take AA silver in Tokyo”

“Can someone please explain to me how the Olympic qualification for RG works? And link with those who have qualified? (New fan)”

“Ou Yushan is making the Olympic team right? We can all agree on this? Ok good.”

“If Nile Wilson doesn’t make it to Tokyo I’m going to cry :(”