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“Trinity is literally flawless.”

“My 2020 wish: an entirely PoC US team. Come on, with Simone, Kara, Morgan, Leanne, Sunisa, Jordan and Trinity you have your pick!”

“I am so ready for Trinity to MURDER this season!”

“I love how nbc talked all about mykayla but barely about trinity or showing trin and the one time they do it’s the routine she does worst at smh mykayla isn’t that special trinity is doing both too she even did better than mykayla”

“In terms of NCAA athletes at Nationals being amazing, Trinity was far better than Mykayla. Not that you would know by watching the NBC coverage.”

“i love that simone got to rotate with 2 girls from the last quad (trinity, mykayla). they seemed to be having such a good time — did anyone else see mykayla jumping and screaming when simone stuck her double double on bars?”

“NBC was always taking about mykayla and her coming back to elite while being in college yet trinity who is also in college was also there and nobody said anything about that.”

“Please go and watch Trinity’s 2018 Bar Routine at Championships vs The one from Day 1 this year, and tell me HOW she scored a higher E-Score last year. Call me crazy, but I think she should’ve scored in the 9s for that routine this year.”

“I honestly thought Trin was only competing elite last summer in prep for NCAA. I am so thoroughly impressed that she is legit competing both without taking time off! What a badass! She is truly underrated and the gymternet doesn’t give her nearly enough shine.”

“Trinity’s elegance is unparalleled #QUEEN”