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The first ladies triple axel done at the Olympics and still the only backloaded ladies triple axel. This was done 3 minutes and 10 seconds into Midori Ito’s long program. 👑👑👑

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (RUS) scores 153.89 in the free skate at the 2019 World Team Trophy

2019 World Team Trophy + Ladies Four-Triple Jump Short Programs 

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva + a masterclass in all 6 types of jumps at the 2018-2019 Grand Prix Final and Russian Cup Final

Rika Kihira scores 82.51 to break the ladies’ SP record at the 2018 Grand Prix Final

Mao Asada’s Triple Axel (+1.86 GOE) at the 2008 Four Continents Championships

Midori Ito: the first woman to land the triple axel in domestic (1988), international (1988), World (1989), Olympic (1992), and professional (1993) competition


Midori landing a triple axel during the 1984 NHK gala when she was only 15 years old

Midori Ito (JPN) lands the first ladies’ triple axel in Olympic competition 3 minutes and 10 seconds into her free skate after falling on her first attempt 

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva’s Triple Axel (+2.00 GOE) at the 2015 World Team Trophy

Already posted this on my twitter, but this video made me realize even more how overrated Tonya Harding’s 3A is, especially compared to Midori Ito’s.

When Midori leaves the ice on her 3A, Tonya is still on the ice.

When Tonya finally leaves the ice, she’s basically backwards on her takeoff instead of forwards like you’re supposed to be for an axel. Meanwhile, Midori is already up in the air. 

Tonya’s 3A has excessive pre-rotation (she’s basically doing 3 rotations instead of 3.5) and is titled and off-axis. 

As for the 2T, Tonya has the most hideous, pre-rotated, off-axis, titled, low amplitude 2T I’ve ever seen. 

When Midori leaves the ice on her 2T, Tonya is completely forward on the ice. Non-axel jumps are all supposed to take off backwards.

Tonya finally leaves the ice after more than an entire rotation is done. She is baaaaaaaaarely off the ice though and has no amplitude. Midori is up in the air.

Midori finishes her 2T rotation completely in the air. Tonya finishes it at whatever … this is.