Category: TW: Larry Nassar

“Why tf would you put li li Leung as usag president, nassar went to UMich, she went to UMich, I think this university along with MSU has been dragged in mud enough alrd, why would you tarnish it even further????”

“I truly wonder how many parents don’t publicly blame the coaches for not protecting their kids from Nassar because they still don’t want to make waves and damage their kid’s career.”

“To see Simone cry about the sexual abuse she went through and how USAG didn’t protect them… Damm, it’s just horrible what these girls went through. And nothing will change what already happened, it doesn’t matter that Larry Nassar is being beaten in prison. She and so many others were SEXUALY ABUSED and still bear the pain. And nothing will ever change that. Fuck USAG.”

“Sam Peszek’s podcast is really interesting BUT when she comes to talking about Nassar survivors she just seems tone deaf IMO”

“I feel like almost every interview with Simone in the past year has spent a substantial amount of time on her experiences with Nassar, and that’s important because it raises awareness about sexual abuse, but it’s really nice when she does an interview every once in a while where his name isn’t mentioned at all. In a way, it highlights that she is more than those experiences.”

“I love to watch old gymnastic competitions late at night. I love seeing gymnasts I haven’t thought about much in a while, seeing them nail their routines, admiring their artistry…The worst part is seeing that sick f*** Nassar looming in the background of so many of them. 2011 Worlds Team finals, 2012 US Nationals…OTOH, it makes you appreciate the strength and grace of these amazing athletes even more. PS: You don’t have to post this if you think it’s too triggering.”