Category: UB

“lorette charpy is legit like the only gymnast ever to do a good khorkina without straddling her legs. the skill is so rare and i’m actually surprised she does it so well.”

“I love UB so much and I’m always bummed that the routines are so ridiculously short in ncaa.”

“Just found out Aliya apparently got a 16.934 on bars in the AA at the 2010 russian cup? Was that even possible in that CoP?”

“Every time I rewatch Gabby, I’m floored by her bars form!”

“Mohini Bhardwaj’s bar transitions went from a straddle back and two pike stoops back to the high bar in 1993 to her 2004 routine which had shap, bail, toe shoot; she also did the Bhardwaj, duh, and still kept a pike stoop for old times sake. Plus she had a Tkatchev, Geinger and double layout full.”

“Been watching videos of Brooklyn Moors and her bars are actually really clean! Not enough difficulty to get big scores in elite but I can see her actually contributing that to UCLA next year and getting some good scores for it.”

“Just popping in to honor CLB’s pike shoot”

“Elena Eremina’s UB routine is my fav of the quad”

“Aliya was the first gymnast I was a really big fan of back in 2012 and there’s a part of me that really wants to see her defend her title but Nina’s routines and skills are so clean and beautiful that it would be a travesty if she performs well and anybody else scores higher.”

“I thought Beth Tweddle would always be my favourite on ub but looking at Suni’s recent training videos I think that might change this year”