Category: UB

“I find the (straddled) stadlers on bars so ugly”

“I feel like I’m in the minority in not minding cookie-cutter Russian bars routines, as long as they are done well. My favorite thing in a bars routine is when it looks completely effortless and smooth, almost like the gymnast is weightless.”

“So many yt comments about ‘useless spotters’ when gymnasts fall on bars… don’t people realise that if the spotters always tried to catch the gymnast it would most of the time cause injury where there wouldn’t be any otherwise…”

“35 seconds of an UB routine is not enough for elite. I don’t care how high the D score is, routines like that deserve a shortness deduction. It’s not fair to other gymnasts.”

 “Wish we saw the mo salto on ub more often”

“If Aliya is able to get back to her London or Rio levels, I think she’ll be able to do a double/double off bars. She already has a double/1.5!”

“This totally won’t happen but imagine this: Mustafina making the UB finals at the Olympics. Absolutely DESTROYS Derwael’s gold medal records and gets her third consecutive gold. The justice we deserve.”

“Double back layout is the prettiest bars dismount.”

“Grishina’s bars looked really nice and she was known for being a great bar worker so it confuses me that she was scoring over a point lower than Komova and Mustafina in London”

“I hope Ragan puts her FTDT back in as her bars dismount in place of the DLO. It looks too whippy to me.”