Category: UB

“People talk a lot about how many people in the final had more or less the same bar routine in Rio; full pirouette, maloney, pak, maloney ½, then jaegar. But I never really realized that Aliya and Maddie HAD THE EXACT SAME ROUTINE. There’s a video on youtube that layers their routines over each other and the only difference that changed the length was that maddie does an extra stalder before the full pirouette into the dismount.”

“K but like we all know that Laurie has the best straddle tkatchev lmao her hips literally rotate like 180 degrees”

“This confession lacks an actual meaning, but I feel like Maddie K. never “officially” retired, but even if she came back now there is no way she would even make podium with her old routine. Neither would Ashton and neither will Aliya. It’s kind of refreshing to be in the era where last quad’s boring and predictable routines won’t fly. Nobody has the same routine anymore and I am living for it.”

“It’s fascinating that bars is Simone’s weakest event, relatively speaking, yet it’s her only event that doesn’t count any C- skills.”

“i love the pak + shap ½ combo and am sad that the next code only rewards it with +0.1 CV”

“I’ve been following gymnastics for years and I still can’t identify any UB skills except for a pak”

“dream bars for a tiny chinese gymnast: maloney + hip circle ½ + healy + ling + ezhova + chow ½; inbar ½ + ono + full-in (6.4D)”

“I’m really impressed by Kylie Coen’s nabieva ½, hope that it will be in the CoP soon”

“Remember when Maria Paseka qualified 6th for bars finals at worlds in 2015 and only wasn’t in the final because of 2pc”

“layout jaeger should be worth way more, we never get to see them cause gymnasts dont think its worth the risk”