Category: uneven bars

“Can China just stop doing the Ray and alike transitions from LB to HB where it leads to hang/dead hang, it looks bad. They should do more Chow and Komova I Komova II type transitions, basically shaposh. Their UB will be so much better.”

“Whenever a gymnast hits a straight body cast handstand,I’m like, “YOU GO GIRL!” I know from experience that straight body is 20 times harder than straddle, so when a gymnast does them, I’m like, YASSSS making everyone else seem bad. (And yes, i know maybe its easier for them, but whatever)”

“So with the rules… is a Mo Salto basically impossible to do now? Because I know you can’t have an empty swing without incurring a deduction and the way they catch the bar at the end of that skill seems like the only thing to connect that to would be a jeager or could you go into a pak? It’s not like it was a popular skill anyways but I really liked it”

“Would an UB dismount flying over the low bar be possible with the current apparatus? What would be the value? Bc I’d love to see it.”

“Idk why but I freaking love jaeger-pak combos on bars.”

“Komova I and Seitz should be F skills”

“For all judges out there, Denisa’s bars routine is Maloney + Clear hip ½ – 0.2, Jaeger, Giant 1/1 + Tkachev + Pak – 0.1, van Lewen, Double front which has E D D D D D C C – 3.1, 0.3 in connections and 2.0 in requirements which is a total of 5.4. It’s basic 1st grade calculation why is it so hard to get it right???”

“I miss Mukhina-style UB routines so, so much.”

“What I miss about classical gymnastics are the elements of surprise. Routines were different from each other and I bit more unpredictable. Like old bars are so satisfying to watch bc the gymnasts like weave in and out between the bars and the skills were gorgeous. Gymnastics now is still beautiful but it’s almost like they’re two different sports with how much things changed and the sports gotten harder, but it’s always nice to look back and appreciate the classical gymnastics”

“The Komova I skill on bars is soooo dreamy”