Category: uneven bars

“I thought Beth Tweddle would always be my favourite on ub but looking at Suni’s recent training videos I think that might change this year”

“So many yt comments about ‘useless spotters’ when gymnasts fall on bars… don’t people realise that if the spotters always tried to catch the gymnast it would most of the time cause injury where there wouldn’t be any otherwise…”

“35 seconds of an UB routine is not enough for elite. I don’t care how high the D score is, routines like that deserve a shortness deduction. It’s not fair to other gymnasts.”

“I know that every gymnast who does the skill is different, but I can’t help but not like it when a gymnast does a pak salto and their back is almost always arched too forward instead of being straight.”

“People talk a lot about how many people in the final had more or less the same bar routine in Rio; full pirouette, maloney, pak, maloney ½, then jaegar. But I never really realized that Aliya and Maddie HAD THE EXACT SAME ROUTINE. There’s a video on youtube that layers their routines over each other and the only difference that changed the length was that maddie does an extra stalder before the full pirouette into the dismount.”

“It’s fascinating that bars is Simone’s weakest event, relatively speaking, yet it’s her only event that doesn’t count any C- skills.”

“i love the pak + shap ½ combo and am sad that the next code only rewards it with +0.1 CV”

“I’ve been following gymnastics for years and I still can’t identify any UB skills except for a pak”

“Can China just stop doing the Ray and alike transitions from LB to HB where it leads to hang/dead hang, it looks bad. They should do more Chow and Komova I Komova II type transitions, basically shaposh. Their UB will be so much better.”

“Whenever a gymnast hits a straight body cast handstand,I’m like, “YOU GO GIRL!” I know from experience that straight body is 20 times harder than straddle, so when a gymnast does them, I’m like, YASSSS making everyone else seem bad. (And yes, i know maybe its easier for them, but whatever)”