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gymnasts turning senior in 2018: Maile O’Keefe

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am sincerely grateful for each and every one of you!



Kyla Ross being a boss

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Aly Raisman’s statement regarding Larry Nassar’s trial today (x)

How…do I find a hitman to kill him for us? 



Aly continues to be a class act

Aly continues to be a class act

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Fucking go for them Aly, straight for the jugular!!

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Instagram post by Dominique Dawes • Nov 20, 2017 at 9:41pm UTC:


Haven’t seen this posted here yet – Dominique Dawes is pregnant with twins!!

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Gabby posted another apology and it sounds like she’s also saying she was one of Nassar’s victims? I still don’t understand her tweets to Aly about being classy and how it goes both ways, but perhaps she was internalizing everything?

Sorry but I dont believe this.

Why do you not believe it?? We KNOW how many girls he abused including Gabby’s own olympic teammates, Aly’s book said lots of them used to talk about how what he did to them was weird, why is there any reason not to believe she was a victim as well?? Just because she made a really awful comment doesn’t mean she’s so twisted that she would pretend to also be a victim, it sounds like she didn’t really understand what she was saying and that she’s internalised a lot of toxic ideas. It’s NOT okay that she said it in the first place but that doesn’t mean her apology isn’t sincere or that she hasn’t learned her lesson and it DEFINITELY doesn’t mean she’s making this up.

I don’t believe it because of her initial reactions (plural!) to the backslash on her tweets, in which she has put down victims of abuse repeatedly and without a doubt on her intentions. This new post screams PR team amd agency all over and yes: I don’t believe that she’s been a victim of abuse – all of the sudden, now that she got busted in being a horrible human being (like so many other defenders of rape culture). I would have believed her without hesitation, if she hadn’t shown her true thoughts beforehand.

Its a pity that she got the oppurtunity to shame victims of abuse. But she will get away with it as long as people like you (no offense, not native, no better wording) are believing obvious statements of her media agency.

Also – yes, people are so twisted. Some asshats make stuff like this up for benefits, some for business. Sadly.

Hate me now all you want 🙂

it’s almost like people can be victims of abuse AND have harmful views at the same time. Being a victim doesn’t mean she’s suddenly gonna be 100% unproblematic and fully understand issues like victim shaming and abuse culture. You don’t learn about those things without educating youself on them which she has clearly failed to do. I’m not making excuses for her, just saying that being ignorant and holding harmful views doesn’t exclude her from being a victim.

Like yeah her PR team probably helped her with this. So? It doesn’t mean it’s not how she feels. She has faced a LOT of bullying and hateful comments her entire career, she probably felt like coming out about her own abuse was the only was to get people to leave her alone, which shows the extent of how bad it was since she clearly didn’t want to say anything about it publicly. Does she deserve backlash for what she said? obviously. Bullying? no.

You can’t just decide who and who not to believe. You believe he abused all the other girls… but not Gabby? When she was in the same situation as the rest of them? You are either with the victims or you aren’t. You can’t decide you don’t believe her just because you don’t like her personality, or what she’s said, or how her statement comes across. It’s FINE to not like her after what she said on Aly’s post. But you can’t just accuse people of lying about abuse.

Gabby Douglas says she was abused by former US…

Gabby Douglas says she was abused by former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar:



rep for Gabby has confirmed that she was abused by Nassar

friendly reminder that we dont know what happened do each gymnast (or former gymnast) and everyone deals w their traumas in their own way so can yall please acting like a fucking juri regarding everything involving this and any case of abuse. thank you.