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“Why tf would you put li li Leung as usag president, nassar went to UMich, she went to UMich, I think this university along with MSU has been dragged in mud enough alrd, why would you tarnish it even further????”

“the lack of attention USAG gives other disciplines on social media is unbelievably appalling. the US brought home THIRTEEN medals from the Valladolid T&T World Cup and there has not been a single post or tweet about it. I don’t mind that the majority of their posts are about artistic because that’s the biggest discipline— I just find it awful how little they seem to give attention to T&T, Acro & Rhythmic.”

“USAG says “We want everyone to be heard and feel okay voicing their opinions.” The gymternet: Bashes USAG because there’s no way that’s happening, and also ‘sympathizes’ with gymnasts that feel silenced. ALSO GYMTERNET: Openly hates on gymnasts for their political beliefs. Imao but thats a great way to silence gymnasts: hate on them for their beliefs. #hypocrites”

“With the way USAG is now I don’t know what to think or what to believe.”

“To see Simone cry about the sexual abuse she went through and how USAG didn’t protect them… Damm, it’s just horrible what these girls went through. And nothing will change what already happened, it doesn’t matter that Larry Nassar is being beaten in prison. She and so many others were SEXUALY ABUSED and still bear the pain. And nothing will ever change that. Fuck USAG.”

“I just checked the page and it was filled with Anna li posts or legacy posts. I looked up what’s going on and I am truly heartbroken and disgusted and sickened. I always liked Anna’s gymnastics but now she has to go. She has to be stripped of her coaching powers and banned from all competitions. Verbal abuse is one thing. Physical abuse???!!?!!?????!!???!!? Bye bitch. Seriously it’s just another chapter to add to U SAGS demise. I pray for ALL athletes who were abused in any way in this system.”

“Simone hit the nail on the head (for the 100000th time btw) when she said USAG had “one damn job” and failed to protect her and the other athletes. You tell em girl!”

“I mean… of course it’s problematic for an athlete rep to be a current coach/judge.”

“Besides the impact on athletes, the most devastating thing about this Legacy Elite expose is its demonstration of how awful behaviors perpetuate. You would think that Anna Li being of a relatively recent generation and struggling through a broken system would not want to continue the same behaviors that caused her so much misery, but nope. Literally want to throw up. The more that surfaces, the more apparent it becomes that USAG/USOC need to clean house completely. There is no salvaging.”

“anyone want to talk about how USAG still doesn’t follow selection procedures in T&T gymnastics?”