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“it was Vika’s birthday a couple days ago and god i miss her. she didn’t have the career she deserved. i wish she was a bit mentally stronger and healthier her outcome would’ve been so different.”




Happy Birthday Queen

“When I die, I want Viktoria Komova Pak, Faith torrez’ Standing full, Peng Peng lee’ Flair mount to come with me”

“Even though I like Mustafina more than Komova, Komova’s bars were better and I wish she had the Olympic golds instead.”

“simone and vika are the only 2 gymnasts in recent memory to perform 2 eponymous skills in the same routine”

“Yao Jinnan, sui lu, yang yilin, huang huidan, Komova, porgras, ksenia afanasyeva need to come back 😭😭”

“Goats of FX: aly, Simone Goats of VT: maroney and Cheng fei, simona amanar Goats of BB: catalina, deng linlin, shawn Goats of UB: aliya, vika, he kexin”

“Can Nabs, porgras and komova just come back please”

“A gymnast with Simone’s power, Musty and vika’s grace, Alexandra soldatova’s flexibility, mental strength like aliya would be the best gymnast ever. All theoretical though, I know”

“Missing Ana porgras and Komova dearly ❤️”