Category: VT

“Something tells me that Alexa moreno will do a produnova”

“Do we think Ellie Downie could pull a Biles and an Amanar And beat SIMONE BILES in the Vault final. Imagine tim dagget’ reaction”

“They should have to do 2 vaults in the AA & take all the deductions to even out the scores across each apparatus.”

“Unpopular opinion: Maroney landed her iconic London TF vault with a college stick. (still an incredible vault tho)”

“Oh jeez, on vault i want, ellie black (can) ellie downie (gbr) yeo seo (kor) alexa moreno (mex) giulia (sui) shallon (can) oksana (uzb) paseka (wada) marcia videaux (cub) qi qi (chn) kim su jong (prk) yamilet (dom) and marina (aze) uhhhhhhh”

“I hope Shallon competes the Cheng sometimes this season in NCAA.”

“I wish people would stop saying Chow taught Gabby an Amanar at a clinic. Gabby managed to get an Amanar around, sure. But when she went to Chow’s, he didn’t let her try it again for like 9 months! He knew that getting a skill around once is not the same thing as actually learning it.”

“I kind of wish the FIG would ban Yurchenko vaults (not Y-half-ons or full-ons though) in the AA for a quad or two just so we could get some more variety on the event.”

“I’m so bored with Yurchenko double twists.”

“I was watching a compilation video of Dragulescu vaults and I was amazed by how CLEAN Nikita’s landings are. He’s always just a heel separation short of perfection.”