Category: VT

“Can you believe jade carey got a higher e score for her second vault than Ellie Downie (and they got very similar e scores for their first vaults) Biased judges!! Ellie should have got silver”

“I’m so glad that simone got the vault, beam and floor gold. definitely well deserved”

“ellie downie should have won VT silver over jade”

“it was super awk when simone’s VT gold was presented to her by the WTC president (who gave the biles dismount an H)”

“Jade stepped out the landing zone and stepped out of her chances at the gold and I was honestly heartbroken for her.”

“I really, really wanted a second world medal for Alexa…”

“Okay all this WC needs now is for Flavia to medal on BB (for her to lose out to Simone WITH A FALL in 2016 is a travesty and we all know it) and Alexa Moreno to medal on VT.”

“i wanna see simone do a yurchenko double-double back salto vault into a pit”

“remember that time when china had a lot of double yurchenkos and even amanars?”

“If Leanne Wong hopes to be on the world team, she needs to throw an Amanar. Her other 3 events are all not the top 3 in the US.”