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“American WAG gymnasts need to go on more international assignments. They show up to worlds with very little international experience and then people why they uncharacteristic mistakes.”

“I’m so here for China winning (almost) every event, WAG and MAG, in the apparatus World Cup series. That would be amazing.”

“Just rewatched the junior worlds and I’m 100% in for these Russian junior women.”

“i deadass wrote my college entrance about russian wag and i got in everywhere i applied. i’m not saying russian wag got me into college but that’s exactly what i’m saying.”

“Okay but this world champs in both MAG and WAG were such a step up from the two previous years, much more exciting and less injury. Hope this carries into Tokyo 2020.”

“Would you guys put your kids in WAG or MAG? Or do you do that already? If your kids are in WAG or MAG, what country are you in?”

“Do any of you on the gymternet ever imagine you are a WAG gymnast? Do you wish you did WAG? And be friends with actual WAG gymnasts now?”

“Wow I feel like we all really underestimated the Russian women for this year’s worlds, myself included”

“Favorite country for style of WAG?”