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“Wow I feel like we all really underestimated the Russian women for this year’s worlds, myself included”

“Favorite country for style of WAG?”

“Anyone just like go watch WAG, RG, ballet, figure skating and sometimes synchronized swimming? They are like all under the same broad category.”

“Who are your goats for each WAG event, anyone from any country from any era? Comment to this post. *no repeats, e.g. you can’t write someone twice for two events”

“WAG from around 2006/2007 ~ 2012 was way more interesting, memorable than the WAG now. Admit it, seriously. (And let’s not forget that Romania was actually in the mix then and now it’s just bad)”

“Just to show how MAG and WAT are different worlds: Every woman’s final had at least two gymnasts from the All Around, only vault had less than five and bars had seven. On the other hand, no men’s final had more than four gymnasts from the All Around and rings had none.”

“Low key want to see WAG gymnasts do MAG HB and PB and MAG gymnasts do WAG beam and UB”

“Most overhyped overrated WAG gymnast in your opinion? Reply to this post, I want to know.”

“We stan WAG teams doing fancy introductions just because they like it. Not only Netherlands nowadays, almost all of them have some small choreography #legends”

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