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Lena did a vlog in English and it’s super cute!






Woah I don’t know if anyone has video but Sanne scored 14.033 (5.4/8.633) on beam.

That’s a god-tier E score

Yaaas you’re the best 😘



I’m only like 4 minutes into this but watching Kenzo and Tomomasa Hasegawa and their roommates attempt to cook is hilarious


A gymnastics translation channel has released a 20 minutes English translation of Over the Limit!
The full translation can be found on their Patreon page for a minimum of a 3$ donation.

I had watched the documentary without understanding it so far and I saw that it looked quite abusive, but words really tell! Viner is a manipulative and abusive “insert multiple curse words in multiple languages”!
Now, I completely understand why Rita left the sport as soon as she achieved her Olympic Gold dream. I would never want any gymnast to go through 4 more years of hell when she already had a great career and has the opportunity to do a lot of other things now.

I really wonder how gymnasts manage to perform brilliantly under that kind of overwhelming pressure. I am sure there must be a better way to motivate and encourage athletes. But, they really have no incentive to change the system. They are currently almost unbeatable.


oh wow, USAG really is uploading full broadcasts to youtube (will update if anything else is added)

Doha EF Day 1

Baku EF Day 1

Baku EF Day 2

Stuttgart MAG

Stuttgart WAG

Birmingham MAG

Birmingham WAG

American Cup