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“I stan whitney sooo hard and thnk she is incredible i love her gymnastics. BUT she is just one gymnast out of hundreds of level 10s. She is great, but did get like 20th at nationals or something, so think of the 19 other gymnasts nobody bothers to talk about.”

“WARNING: Whitney Bjerken Confession Incoming, Keep Scrolling if You Don’t Like Them. I really hope the issues Whitney is having with her elbow elbow again aren’t too serious, she really doesn’t deserve this all over again.”

“I feel like Whitney Bjerken has been so transparent with her career that it must be so pressuring. I kind of can’t see her in elite but more NCAA. Whitney, please me wrong.”

“Whit is training a Van Leeuwen and I’m SO EXCITED about it!!!”

“petition for the cap at E for dance elements to be removed so that whitney’s sextuple wolf turn can be rated a G 🤩”

“I know she could almost certainly go to a Top 10 school if she wanted to, but I have a hunch Whitney might want to compete for Stanford in college and I’d love to see her on that team!”

“Did I believe Whitney could’ve made Elite? Yes. Did I believe she would’ve become one of the next big All-Arounders? Honestly? No.”

“Whitney confirmed in her insta story q&a that she isn’t trying for elite & will stay at L10 until college and I’m heartbroken :(”

“Can’t we all just accept that Whitney is a literal queen?”

“I know a lot of people are Whitney Bjerken fans and I am one too but please so saying that you want her to go for the olympics because even though she is good in gymnastics, she isn’t as good as many other gymnasts her age and her goal only is college gymnastics”